Best of 2008

Best of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and now 2008! I really look forward to doing this list that I’ve added a new category called “Purchase of the Year”.

panicpreventionjamiet Album of the Year – Jamie T – Panic Prevention

This album actually came out in 2007 but I did not hear it until Rach and Mike’s engagement party where they had it playing.

Jamie T is from Wimbledon so it might not be everyones cup of tea.

It is now my iTunes most played artist so it makes album of the year this year. Checkout a Jamie T track on YouTube.

thedarkknightbestof2008 Cinema Trip of the Year – Batman – The Dark Knight

Amy, Jon, Marcus and I went to see this at the IMAX in Sydney which probably made this film the most memorable trip (second was to go and see the Smashing Pumpkins Documentary – If All Goes Wrong with Stu and Lachlan).

IMAX is a great experience if not for the screen but for the fantastic sound system that made this film really come at you.

arresteddevelopmentbestof DVD of the Year – Arrested Developer Season 1,2,3

Arrested Development is an American sitcom that actually debuted in 2003. I do remember it being on TV but never really having any kind of television schedule the chances of watching an entire series was very low.

Thanks to low price DVDs and QuickFlix rentals we’ve managed to watch all 3 seasons of this excellent comedy show.

If you are fed up of watching random TV then at least rent the 1st season this is comedy gold.

richdadpoordadbestof Book of the Year – Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book is great simple as that very interesting and makes you want to save money.

callofdutybestof Game of the Year – Call of Duty 4

I have a love hate relationship with this. I bought this game after getting a new computer which brought me into the 21st century of desktop computing power.

The game has an online mode where you can go around in first person and shoot your enemy with various guns. My favourite is the MP5 with dotted scope.

liveleakbestof Website of the Year –

LiveLeak is a interesting site that attempts to “redefine” media. This is basically citizen journalism at its best. Video cameras are so popular that most things that happen are now captured on film. This site stores those videos. It has some fascinating videos from Iraq and Afganisthan and has been mentioned by Tony Blair at press conferences when he was Prime Minister.

iphonebestof Purchase of the Year – Apple iPhone

There’s not a phone that can compete with this one yet. Yes it may have its flaws against the blackberry in the fact it has no physical keyboard but in every other aspect it beats it hands down.

Google Maps with Street View Integration is very handy on road trips, Gmail on the go and Facebook on the go is excellent.

That wraps up the best of 2008, looking forward to the best of 2009 I wonder what it will be!