Best of 2007

The classic post, see also – Best of 2004, Best of 2005 and Best of 2006.

Album of the Year – MIA – Kala

Sadly it pipped Smashing Pumpkin’s Zeitgeist to the post, actually it didn’t stand a chance. This South East London / Sri-Lankan artist is keeping it real and has some excellent tracks. My favourite track is Paper Planes on this album.

Cinema Trip of the Year – 300
I didn’t see enough films at the cinema this year as I’ve found it very hard to pick a favourite. Amy and I saw 300 at the cinema in Byron Bay when we went there for Easter, the special effects were amazing but suttle at the same time, even though the world of 300 is completely surreal. A very interesting film and highly recommended.
DVD of the Year – The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

I only saw this film recently and thought it was totally amazing. The acting is great and the story of Peter Sellers’ life is extraordinary. Sellers died four hours after I was born so I was intrigued to see this film and it didn’t disappoint. An extremely interesting life story about a very complicated man.

Book of the Year – The Business Rules

The Business Rules: The 7 Irrefutable Laws that Determine All Business Success – is probably the best book I’ve read all year. It contains a lot of common sense guidelines that I recommend if you ever consider or do actually run your own business.

Game of the Year – FIFA 2008

This game is truely brilliant, it makes you feel like a pro even though you are probably helped along by the AI of the game. When you hit the post from a long shot volley, you actually believe it was entirely your doing. The WII controls are excellent as well.

Website of the Year –

Kind of a “friends reunited / blog / social experiment” mashup that works really well. I’ve got back in contact with people I never thought I’d here from again. The ability to upload pictures and videos to the system and tag people is extremely clever. Some people think their targetted advertising is an invasion of privacy, but for me to be able to target surfers with my surf forecasts application is an extremely handy tool.