Best of 2006

Hot on the heels of Best of 2004 and Best of 2005 comes Best of 2006!!

Album of the Year – Bernard Fanning – Tea & Sympathy

I bought the album for Amy for a special event. It is an excellent album with some great songs, one features in this video of arriving in Australia this year.

Cinema Trip of the Year – Children of Men

Read the full review here. This film is a must see for both the story and the excellent camera work.

DVD of the Year – Mighty Boosh Series 1 and 2

Chris gave us a copy of Series 2 and we’ve been watching it regularly, re-visiting episodes that we had not seen for a while. Episode six goes as follows – Travelling like the settlers of old (because Howard is scared of flying), Howard and Vince set out by boat for the Pieface Records showcase in the US of A. But they never get there, and instead find themselves marooned on a desert island on which there isn’t much to eat – now that Breakfast Bob has left – apart from coconuts

Book of the Year – Love and other Near Death Experiences

Not really been reading many books, but I did read this one. It is probably not worthwhile of being the book of the year as I don’t think it is as good as the earlier works of Millington.

Game of the Year – Armadillo Run

A physics based game. You have to move the armadillo across the screen. Sounds simple but with a limited budget and materials this game is really very addictive and difficult! Visit the website for a demo.

Website of the Year –

Even though the beach is only a few metres away Coastal Watch provides an excellent live stream so there’s no need to go down there. Hasn’t been very useful for the majority of the year with the recovering shoulder however it still gets visited probably every other day!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!