Best of 2005

There’s a ‘Best of 2004‘ so here comes The Best of 2005!!!

Album of the Year – Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams

I’d never heard of Jack Johnson until a group of us went to see him live in a park in Sydney, Australia. The gig was
really good but what was more inspirational was the lifestyle that comes with the music. JJ only really sings happy
‘take it easy’ style songs which fits well with a chilled out surf lifestyle that was what I was enjoying at the time. Now the music
provides a welcome retreat back into that world as I drive around the chaotic streets of London and face not so welcoming weather.

Cinema Trip of the Year – Sin City – Cloverdale

Probably not the best film I have seen but definitely the most memorable cinema trip of the year. The reason being was I saw
it at Cloverdale cinema near Vancouver, Canada. Cloverdale is the town used in the hit television series ‘Smallville’, which
is based on Superman’s younger years. What was funny was the people in the cinema reminded me of the characters in
Smallville. Everyone looked a little bit eerie, one picture that sticks in my mind is that of an obese woman resting a ‘bucket’ of
cola on her stomach whilst watching the film.

DVD of the Year – Thicker than Water

My first Surfing DVD purchase and probably one of the best. Thicker than Water tours some of the worlds best
breaks with some of the worlds best surfers. A buy for all budding surfers. I bought it from what is probably the best surf shop in Australia – Six Ounce Board Store

Book of the Year – The DaVinci Code

Actually to be honest this is one of the only books I have read this year. The story line is engrossing but you already
know that as everyone in the world seems to have read it.

Game of the Year – Grand Theft Auto – Vice City

I would have put Flight Simulator but unfortunately I used that last year. This game is a bit violent and should definitely
not be played by anyone under the age of 18 or anyone of a mental disposition. The ideal is basically to steal cars, trucks,
planes, bikes, boats etc.. and commit crimes for gangs that you are in. You can also shoot people in the streets or kill them
with swords, knuckle dusters, screwdrivers etc… It’s very violent but strangely enticing.

Website of the Year – Google.Com

Google are branching out in every direction, with lots of new features which are extremely useful. My favourite at the
moment is Cinema Search, where you can search local cinemas for film times. Google Maps and Google Earth are also
great features which are not only ‘cool’ products but are being used for all sorts of scenarios such as finding roads and
villages after an Earthquake in Pakistan.

Have a Happy New Year!