Bad Shopping Experience

Tonight I made dinner for the first time since Winter 2004, it turned into a bit of a nightmare. I have one thing that I can make that I invented myself last year. It is a pasta based dish with fish/pesto/cashew and basil. I bought the ingredients from Coles.

This is the equivalent to Tesco or Wal-mart (based on your locale). I bought the Pesto there yesterday. When I mixed it into the fish we noticed that each pot was a different colour! This was a bit strange, we checked the use-by date and all of them were out of date! Ranging from 3-6 months. This wasn’t even the jar stuff neither but the fresh stuff you get in the cold section.

We all walk up to Coles with the reciept, empty pots of pesto and a box of ruined barramundi fish. Indria, the first person I talked to seemed happy to give a replacement for the pesto but couldn’t give us some replacement fish ‘because it had to go through the till’. This reminded me of my days working at Tesco, I would probably had said the same thing back then, so I tried a more George Clooney Oceans 11 approach with Indria to just ‘let us take some fish whilst no one is looking’ but she said the cameras would see us. So I decided to buy some more fish and just get the pesto replacement. When we got back to the till Indria said her boss was in, ‘George’ or ‘Dave’ or someone. I was hoping someone in a suit would appear, but no, just some guy who stacked the shelves but was probably three times the age of Indria. After what was the worst customer experience of my life (the guy seemed to just want an argument), I think the funniest moments were when he said “didn’t you check the use-by date before putting it into the fish” (even though I only bought the pesto the day before) and “you want us to give you more fish that you didn’t buy from here” in an arrogant ‘who do you think you are?’ tone. We eventually got the fish for free and some replacement pesto and it was all ok in the end.

So that is Coles in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia. I recommend shopping at Woolworths which is located close by in Potts Point.