Around the world in 13 beers

So the trip to the other side of the world starts in five days! I really can’t wait, it is so exciting to be going back to Australia. I will also get to see a little bit of Singapore on the way! Great!

So this weekend Kim, Gin and Dino came down from the country for a last farewell and a bit of a party!!! Dino was pleased to see that ASDA were doing 4 bottles x3 for £9!! I would have been happy going halfs on a pack, meaning I’d get six bottles, but Dino wanted to go the whole hog and get 12 bottles each!

To make it fun we attempted to get 12 different beer brands from 12 different countries of the world. We messed up a little bit because we thought that ‘Cools’ was from Canada, when actually it is from Colorado! We also got a Peroni (Italy) from the fridge in ASDA for a cold one on the way (which took the beer count to 13)!

I made it half way around the world before going to sleep, whilst Dino made it to 12 and reluctantly didn’t bother going for No. 13 because Gino and Kim had also fallen asleep as well. We tried to get him to drink it the next morning but he wasn’t interested. The reason for Dino being able to drink so much is possibly because he is still a student and is number one for the search term ‘paris hilton naked‘ at Google Images with safe search turned on (default), which gets on average 12,500 views a month (150,000 a year).

So it was good to see them and funny to hear that ‘Sat Nav’ took Gino in his new Toyota Avensis 3 hours to get out of London, taking them past every London tourist attraction there is. Dino was also obviously fairly happy with himself, as we felt sorry for his poor student life that we donated the rest of the bottles to take back to his campus.

Here are some of the ‘snaps’ from the weekend cleverly created using Picasa. Featuring a little walk that Gino, Kim and myself did before meeting Dino at the train station (such highlights included London Bridge, City Ice Rink, Lloyds of London and the Swiss Re building). You can also see our shopping trolley filled with all of the beers for the night!

I was looking at some of the surf reports today and I think I know where I’d rather be (which will not be long now) –

Boscombe, UK – 8th Feb


Bondi, Aus – 8th Feb

Pictures © A1 Surfcheck and Aquabumps respectively. That is it for now, take it easy and enjoy the UK weather.