APC and MAdM

I had the idea in mind to go and see a perfect circle when they came to the UK a few months ago, and thought “nahh I’ll be in Australia by them” – I’m still here so I have Jereon to thank for telling me he was going to see them tonight in Holland. This reminded me about them, and luckly enough they are playing next Tuesday at the Apollo Hammersmith. After searching around for a ticket I managed to get one. Then I get told that Melissa Auf der Maur is warming up for APC!! Two in one!! So I will get to see her do some stuff from her new album. Then I find out Melissa is doing her UK debut on the 16th at Islington Academy!! So I’m going to that too!

Took this picture today, its a traffic warden and other curious bystanders looking at steam coming out of the ground. This is common place in New York, but in London its a rare sight. This image captures the moment beautifully.

I had this problem in C# today, I had been given some XML that I needed to import into a system. So I used the magnificent tool xsd.exe to generate an XSD from the XML, which, in turn, allowed me to generate a C# class, that I was hoping I could use to deserialise the original XML into my data import routine. However, I hit a brick wall when I tried to instantiate an XmlSerializer with a ‘System.IO.FileNotFound’ exception for a random assembly name.

Daniel Cazzulino replied with a link to Chris Sell’s XmlSerializerPreCompiler, which tells you the errors the framework comes across rather than the generic FileNotFound exception! Whilst on Chris’ site, I also came across RegexDesigner.NET, a visual tool for writing regular expressions…excellent!!