“Film-makers Tahir Cambis (Exile in Sarajevo, SFF ’97) and Helen Newman’s brand-new documentary is a free-wheeling expansive study of democracy, western civilisation and the relationship between America and Australia. The film also analyses the intersecting of Australia’s refugee policy and the war on terror.”

This film was ok, it was a documentary that was started in 2000 and ended a couple of weeks ago in 2004. I think the film-makers started off making a documentary about Australians and ended up just making a documentary about things happening in the world. I got a little bit lost at this concept when it was first talking about Australians relationship to the Queen and then they were in an Earthquake region of Afganhistan. The film appeared to only give one view on things as well as giving time to fanatics who have hallucinogenic visions of how the world should be run (namely ‘Jack’ the ex-green beret).