An open letter to the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association

A friend sent this to me, I thought it would give it some of the publicity it deserved

9th February 2004.

World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association
Ground Floor,
Albert House,
111-117 Victoria Street,

Dear Sir,

It was with much displeasure that I watched ‘The Masters’ snooker final. This discontentment was, naturally, not caused by the quality of the snooker being played; both players gave a rather admiral performance.

The high quality of play was most enjoyable to watch, my viewing pleasure was soured only by the unsightly appearance of the players. The two players were both in possession of a tatterdemalion like dress.

I can still remember when the game of snooker attracted a more formal dress that always included a bow tie and nicely trimmed bouffant. I find it wrong that the more formal attire has been abandoned in favor of the logos of interweb bookmakers. Seldom does one get the chance to see nicely dressed gentlemen on the television. Snooker was for many years an oasis of formality in a desert of sartorial dereliction.

The lack of appropriate neckwear represents, for me, an opportunity missed in encouraging formal attire in youths. An increasing number of young people consider it acceptable to dress themselves in this manner. I hope to see more smartly dressed gentleman appearing on my television set for the Snooker World Championships in Sheffield.

Yours faithfully

Mr M. J. Richardson BSc (HONS) MIMI RMIP.