AIMIA Awards

Last night Amy and I went to the AIMIA Awards at the Australian Technology Park that I was kindly invited to judge at. It was a good night with free booze flowing and little mini mexican food bowls, satay chicken and rice balls which was fantastic. The section I judged was won by the entry that I was hoping would win which was good news.

1984 won’t be like “1984” stage setup

One of the highlights of the evening was finding out about Natalie Tran. She presented one of the awards and was introduced as having over 63 million views on YouTube and 150,000 subscribers which she didn’t seem to be that fussed about. Amy and I had never heard of her but we watched some of the videos she creates on YouTube and they are very funny. She starts off with an observation that she recreates using herself as all of the roles and then engages her fans based on comments they’ve left, I’ve embedded a recent video of hers called “to run or not to run” –

It was ashame I didn’t know who she was at the AIMIA awards as I think it would have been a fun person to meet.

Amy with the new Garden

I recently bought back a Yucca plant from the dead (the far left one, you can see it has one non-dead branch) and got so into it I ended up getting another one and then after I realised that it didn’t need much watering I got a much more demanding shrub (closest to camera) which requires watering twice a week. I’d love to get something which had fruit but our balcony doesn’t get much sun. I asked the guy at the garden center was he recommendation was and he said “move”. Amy has also got a new haircut which looks really nice don’t you think?