Ahoy and Pub Golf

Ahoy and Pub Golf

What a fun weekend! Probably the best one in Sydney so far for me! To continue the celebration of Chris’ birthday we went on the pub golf tournament around Woolloomooloo. It was 9 establishments, one of these being a pie shop (change beer for pies). I personally managed to finish one under which I thought was not a bad effort! However, we ended up going out for more drinks in Kings Cross afterwards, which, to be honest, was an error of judgement as we were to go sailing the next day. Here is the score card that we had to carry to each bar, fill out and get verified –

Saturday morning, after a mere 5 hours sleep we were out sailing in Sydney harbour. This was brilliant! Although the approaching storm made us all a little nervous. Henry pensively looking into the storm –

However, the storm seemed a million miles away and we were off sailing in the harbour –

It started off well, and I felt pretty good, but then Andy was sick and so was Harry, who I’d been out drinking with until the early hours. Then I started to feel a bit queasy, then the heavens opened, and the shower made me feel fine again! Yes, that is a Microsoft anorak. I got it for free ok…

Navigating a sailing boat in this weather was very tiring, and considering we nearly all had hang overs from pub golf we had a very relaxing Saturday night –

More pictures from Chris’ birthday can be found here.