10 Years of HTML

Circa ’96

Sorry no pictures of anything because the hardrive in my computer stopped working! I think the head is scratched so there’s no way to retrieve any of the data. I lost some photos that I took over Christmas, but everything else is backed up! Phew!! I have been visiting Cambridge and went to see some Jazz with Matt the pilot.

Whilst rebuilding machines I found some old old CDs which contained stuff from early 2000. On one of the CDs was a backup of websites I had written. In an obscure folder dev/html/historical/backups or something along those lines, I found a zip of my first ever website! It was written around January 1996 at the young age of 15. Which makes it around 10 years old this month!

I also had a ‘journal’ on the site, which we would call a ‘blog’ now adays with an opening entry of February 11th 1996, where I talk about it being cold and having to play ‘fake muggings’ in the village to entertain ourselves.

I’ve made the website available online again as its really a piece of internet history from the very early days of websites (actually I think mine was quite advanced, I had Javascript and Framesets!). The navigations is complex to say the least, and finding all the content is almost impossible.

Step back in time here and visit my website from 1996