August 15th, 2010

Today was a pretty full day of activities, first off it was Tasleema’s birthday at Public Dining Room in Balmoral. It was really nice and the coffee’s were actually quite strong, I left the place shaking!

Next up, Eddie, who used to live upstairs on Marcus’ level at Uni was in town. Last time I saw Eddie I’m pretty sure it was in a bar in Farringdon about 7-8 years ago, so it was a change of scene to go out surfing in Manly.

The waves were really good this afternoon, after a storm came through the surf looked awesome, so Marcus, Eddie and I headed out for a surf! Nancy was kind enough to take pictures with the SLR. There’s 111 of them on Flickr in the Eddie Would Go set, my favorites are here –

Marcus Smashing the Right

For a monkey wedding day the weather turned out to be fantastic for our surf session –

Me Smashing the Left with Shelly Beach in the Background

Eddie was learning so not much stand up time which is not unusual for the early days I remember them well!

Eddie Would Go

Altogether an excellent Sunday!

August 13th, 2010

Surf wise it was going off today so at lunch I biked over to Deadmans, I’ve never seen anyone surf it before. The video makes the waves look smaller than they actually were. It’s on these sort of days where I think a sandwich and a camera are better than a wetsuit and a surfboard. The video doesn’t really do the size of the waves justice.

First up is a guy getting a nice barrel, the second part of the video shows a guy who paddled off the rocks at the wrong moment as the biggest set I saw came through, he luckily made it through all of the waves so close to the rocks it must have been scary (I know I was scared for him). Whilst at the same time another guy who doesn’t quite make the take off gets smashed and then smashed again by the next wave and loses his board!

January 2nd, 2008

Happy New Year!

A low pressure system off of Queensland has brang brought a bucket load of swell down to Manly. We went down to the Bower on New Year’s Eve and I filmed some footage of the surfers who were out in the fairly large swell that day. It does get bigger than this at Manly but not very often. Check for a recent surf forecast.

[flv: 560 306]

Or download a higher quality WMV (35meg) of the video for a crisper experience.

October 29th, 2007

Last week after work I went down and met Marcus and Dan for the Anon Sunwear Launch Party which was a tow-in aerial show down Manly Beach in pretty small conditions. Dion Agius is the real standout in this video, the dude wearing the bones wetsuit.


June 9th, 2007

Update June 9:

Deadman’s, the bit which I was photographing and didn’t even realise started to get a bit better on Sunday, here’s Kai Otton looking like he’s about to eat it –

Marcus got some wicked pictures from Deewhy on Sunday as well.

June 8:

Today has been the biggest storm in Sydney all year. A ship has run aground and two others may run aground as well.

The lights have been flickering on and off all day and the Manly ferry was cancelled. At lunch time I couldn’t resist going down to the Bower to see if anyone was out there. No one. Just as I was driving away I saw two guys climb under the fence in a bit I didn’t even know you could get out in Update: A way to get to deadmans

Death Wish

A one point the two guys nearly went out but not because they wanted to –

Nearly Washed Away

And finally on Manly beach limited surfing was going on in the south corner, basically these dudes were getting one wave, coming back to shore, walking down the beach and going back in again.

Got one
February 24th, 2007

Yesterday morning saw a small glassy 1-2ft swell coming through Sydney area, I got up early in the morning with Amy and went down to for a morning surf to wake myself up for the rest of the day. The water temp was lovely, 4 other guys were out along with 8 dolphins! I told some early morning tourists that they were out there but they had already seen them. I paddled out and they were about 50ft away from us. The baby ones in the group were fully breaching the water, it was amazing to watch. Although to be honest it can be a bit freaky because the only reason they are there is because there’s food, so that means sharks are also probably out there eating the same stuff. I talked to one of the guys out there about the dolphins and how lucky we were to see them so close to the beach as I’d never seen them that close before.

The dolphin story was on the front cover of the Manly Daily this morning –

© ManlyDaily Photo: Brad Hunter

“A POD of dolphins delighted beachgoers at North Steyne yesterday with their presence indicating cleaner water and plentiful food supplies according to experts.

A group of eight cruised along the beachfront heading north early yesterday as a couple of fortunate board riders were on the spot to watch the spectacle up close.”

View the original story here.

January 16th, 2007

Yami and Andres have arrived from Buenos Aires the other day and they have been very lucky to be blessed with beautiful sunny trip. To celebrate their arrival we had a true blue ‘stralian BBQ –


They gave Amy a lovely Mate pot a bombilla and some Mate herbs to drink out of it. Andres designed me a GlobalSurfari t-shirt which I can wear around town and hopefully grew my Australian hits! Thanks!!

Amy taking a photo of the GlobalSurfari.Com T-shirt

We went down to the beach at the weekend which was probably the best conditions I’ve ever seen on Manly beach ever. There was no wind and very small waves, making for a very enjoyable beach day.

We went back again a bit later so I could have a quick surf (as small waves are my favourite at the moment), Andres took some great photos –

Amy and Yami on Manly Beach

I had a very quick surf as the water was so clear that you could see the bottom very easily I saw a sting ray go past me in the water which was a bit freaky.

Back on it!

We headed to the Bavarian cafe in the evening which was a nice end to the weekend and the arrival of the Argentinian contingency!

Andres and Yami at the Bavarian

Thanks to Andres for all the photos which he has taken with his cool new camera!

June 27th, 2006

Still only half way to saving up to buy a digital camera, so I am relying on others to supply me pictures or take them with my big camera whenever I take it out. So it’s with thanks to Nancy and Marcus that half of these pictures are on here (they are also reflected on Marcus’ site).

I took my big camera up to Brisbane weekend before last as we went up to see Amy’s sisters little baby, Cooper. A smaller version of Mr. Felix. However, when I got there I must have left it switched on in its case as the battery was flat! Which was a shame as I got no pictures of Coops and I also went on a ride down the Brisbane river in Amy’s other sisters fiancee Wade-o’s boat which was good fun.

Last week was a bit mental with fog coming in over the harbour to prevent the ferry for leaving. A the same time a car had not puts its hand brake on properly and was left half way across the road after rolling down a side street –

Nice Parking

At the weekend Global Surfari was putting the surf report at around 2ft and sunny (as it has a new weather feed) with low winds, so it was a good chance to get out there! Although it has been more than three months since I did my injury my shoulder has only recently gone back to feeling how it used to before I dislocated it. Last surf was a bit of a right off because it was hurting too much. This surf I felt much better but now I think I have more of a psychological battle to get over than an injury one as I was afraid to really catch anything, even though I’ve been thrown around by big waves before. Next session (which will hopefully be this weekend) I am going out on my trusty dahlberg as I am more confident with that although my arm power for wave catching has dropped loads I’ll hopefully work that back in before the summer. Jon from work also came down for a little surf which was great.

Marcus, Jon and myself at Manly Beach

That night we went to Greater Union cinemas to see Da Vinci Code in “Gold Class” – a special cinema with about 30 seats and luxury recliners which have electric buttons to make them into beds. We all wore standard day time clothes to the cinema, but when we got there people were dressed in their best clothes and drank sparkling wine from champagne glasses, we felt like commoners! As for the movie, it is ok if you’ve read the book, good to see all the places mentioned in the book and the merging of times when they were in London was brilliant (which you’d understand if you have seen the film).

Amy, Simone, Nancy, Stu, Marcus and myself at Bondi Junction

Honolulu Hawaii, USA born actress Nicole Kidman and Whangarei, New Zealand born country singer Keith Urban got married in our home town Manly, Australia on Saturday. Amy has had an illness for the past four days which meant she couldn’t really leave home, so it was a surprise to see her running around the flat in excitement when five helicopters starting circling near to our flat for the start of the wedding. After I told her we could not go out in the car and drive up there because she was in her pyjamas she did this –

Amy having a tantrum

After the tantrum was over I finally conceded and drove up to St. Patricks Estate, a 2 minute drive from us. We got out the car and walked to the entrance of the estate where a crowd had gathered. One minute later and Nicole was driving past, Amy, still in pyjamas ran up to the side of the car and took a photo. I did not take my camera as I didn’t want to look like paparazzi but I hope Amy’s picture comes out well. She has one of those old fashioned cameras which you have to take to a shop to get developed, so I’ll put that on the blog when the time comes around or Amy might even put it on hers as she is yet to make an entry!

St. Patricks – Nicole’s Wedding Venue – Manly

The picture above was taken by Nancy from their balcony, a great place to spy on the wedding. Well that is it for now except for a quick Happy Birthday to Andres who is the grand old age of 25!

April 6th, 2006

It is typically the way that when you can go surfing there’s no waves and when you can’t its Indo quality! To prove this phenomena Amy and I went on a trip to a few of the Northern Beaches with Simone and Stu.

The first stop was North Narrabean where tow in sessions a plenty were the order of the day. This is a cool way to surf, a lot easier than paddling –

Tow in Session – Narrabean

We then headed up to Palm Beach, where Home and Away is filmed. There was a longboard surf comp going down at Palm Beach in the protected corner. It was really rocking –

Toes to the Nose!!

Although annoying it was great to watch and good to get a little bit of photo action going. We had a nice lunch at a cafe in Palm Beach and then headed off to Waringah Mall where we bought a new bin! Hurray!

On Sunday, Matt the pilot came over for lunch. You may remember Matt from UK surf trips etc..

Matt Bass and I in Manly Wharf Hotel

Bad news is that I went to the physio and it will be abour four weeks from now until my arm is surf ready!! Very annoying!

Good to see Fizzer is updating his blog with UK surf reports, looks real good and not that cold, although I am sure it is!! Mike is also on the case with his blog doing his serious expedition updates (camping, climbing etc..). Marcus is also putting up loads of his photos and even little Amy is getting into the blogging world, although not quite off the ground yet. I have hopefully persuaded Matt Bass to get into blogging, would be good to get some global photos, especially now he has bought a digital camera.

March 30th, 2006

Holidays from work don’t typically last 45 days so it’s probably obvious now that I am no longer on holiday, but I am still in Australia! So here’s how that happened:

One day whilst on the beach with Marcus he talked about his agency offering him sponsorship. So I gave them a call, told them what I do, lined me up an interview and before the week was out had a contract job downtown and a visa to stay in Australia until 2010*! The job is cool, it is doing C# .net programming! I had ended my current contract in UK just as I left so the timing was perfect. Although sorry to everyone I did not really get to say goodbye to, I kind of went on holiday and didn’t come back which is a bit weird I suppose but when the moment comes you have to take it. If anyone wants to buy a red Audi A3 let me know!

I would have been too sad to say goodbye to Amy and she was going to move to Sydney anyway, so we have moved in together in a nice little flat in Manly. A bit of a nightmare finding somewhere to live which is furnished (very few and far between in Sydney). Thanks to Simone and Stu for letting us stay in their spare room for so long, we owe them big time.

Our block in Manly
We are on the 3rd floor (2nd if your English)

Here it is from the Wharf –

Where in the world...Ocean World
Closest I’ve lived to Sharks (Ocean World)

and again with a view from our balcony at night time (you can see the Manly ferry at the wharf)

View from the balcony!
Our balcony view!

Here’s the living room, the black wire is for the little speakers on the cabinet and is not a permanent fixture –

View of the living room
Living Room with Amy

So yes, now we live 5 minutes walk to one of my favourite beach breaks, rather than a 5 hour drive! Although one problem is that I have another month of physio before I can even go out in the water! Oh the irony! I also visited the surgeon who told me that there was an 80% chance of it happening again. Which isn’t good, as it’s possibly the most painful pain I’ve ever felt.

Journeys to Sydney are more like a bit of an adventure. The quickest way to work is on the ferry which always reminds me of trips to Calais, France from Dover in England without Duty Free. The other morning Amy had to go to the gym really early so we were some of the very few people on the Manly ferry that morning. I took my camera and took some pictures of the early morning light.

Manly Ferry Passing the Heads
The other Manly Ferry just before we pass the heads

sydney view 06h30 am
Sydney 06h30.. on the way to work

We celebrated Simone and Stu’s anniversary with a dinner at Milson’s Point just under the harbour bridge just by Luna Park. It was a nice night out and also a bit surreal eating right under the Opera House!

amy and me at milsons point
Amy and me @ Milson’s Point

So to wrap it all up with another final little comparison picture (my favourites) –

cold cold haersh english winter
The cold cold harsh English winter in Warwickshire, England – February 2006
going out with the fish
Going out with the green fish (pre injury days) Freshwater, Australia – March 2006

Looking at that last picture, I’ll never go out surfing when it’s like that again. “High tide the wave of your life, low tide the end of your life” says the Rip Curl tidal chart attached to the fridge which I’ll be paying a lot more attention from now on.

Peace out for the time being, I have to get back to my physio exercises and do loads of stuff getting everything sorted out. Then I will finally get time to sort out some videos, I have lots and lots of footage to make some cool stuff with.

Also our flat is only one bedroom but one of the sofas is a fold out bed so everyone is welcome to come and visit whenever they want!!! And Sydneyites, stay tuned for the house warming!!!

* I have to work to keep the visa.