August 28th, 2007

Le Luna eclipse for some parts of the world occured tonight, a total luna eclipse. A group of us went down the beach to watch it happen. It was pretty amazing and a lot of people were down there to see it.

Total Luna Eclipse

The colour of the moon is from the atmosphere of the Earth, based on that the eclipsed moon sees all the sun rises and sunsets on Earth at the same time and is the reason why the colour matches the colour you see on the horizon at sunrise and sunset.

Simone and Stu brought down fish and chips and sat on a rug. I took the opportunity to take a lot of photos, here are Jenny and Marcus looking up out to sea at the eclipse –

Jenny and Marcus with the stars and red moon

It was the most popular night down the beach I’d ever seen –

Popular Night
July 24th, 2007

Last night I had a surprise (well Jon coming was a surprise) Birthday dinner at a Himalayan restaurant in the Crows Nest.

Birthday Dinner Himalayan Style

Amy got me a telescope for my birthday it is brilliant, I used the excellent open source application Stellarium last night to find out the names and location of the stars which we can see from the balcony, when we got back from dinner the moon was just about visible and so I targetted it on that. Using the 25x lens I got this cool shot using our little digital camera –

Moon from the Balcony

We are definetly going to have to make a trip up to Myall Lakes area as the stars from there are so much clearer. A great birthday!

April 16th, 2007

The Blue Mountains are still a bit too close to Sydney to get really decent night shots, but I gave it a go anyway as there was no moon and it was a clear night, they came

86 second exposure


127 second exposure

Not as good as the Myall Lakes stuff.

June 5th, 2006

After playing around with all the levels with the other pictures I took at the weekend, I’ve decided to create an entire new section of g2007 as this could turn into a new hobby of mine!

I played around with the levels and curves from some Astrophotography guides I found on the internet so here is the shot I put on the Myall Lakes entry with some modification –

This next one is a shot through the trees of the sky –

And the final one I’ve highlighted the Southern Cross, which is the stars you see on the Australian flag. You can see the blurring motion of this one appears to go around in a circular motion, not sure if that was just fluke because of me moving the camera slightly or if its the rotation of the earth –

I worked this out using the excellent free application ‘Stellarium‘ which I matched up with the image (by reducing the constrast to find the constellations). From this it is possible to work out what all the bright parts of the milky way are –

In the first image the bright white dot I believe is Ptolemys Cluster!!