October 5th, 2013

This week Sydney hosts it’s 2nd centennial event to review the Navy fleet. As a previous member of the Navy (Scout Squadron RN06) I had to go down and see some of the ships. I especially wanted to see British warship D32 HMS Daring, which is the currently the most advanced warship in the world and it’s first visit to Australia –

HMS Daring

HMS Daring

Amy, Oscar and I go the fast-ferry in the morning and I went upstairs and strategically positioned myself to get a good view, it was lucky as HRH Prince Harry happened to sail by on his inspection of all of the ships –

HRH Prince Harry and team

HRH Prince Harry (second left) and team

A lot of luck to get that photo as we sailed past! HMS Leeuwin is a hydrographic survey vessel but is now helps to prevent illegal immigration (Tony Abbott probably loves this boat for that reason!).

Oscar not impressed

Not Bad was Oscar’s judgement


When we got to circular quay it was packed but somehow we managed to get a table for lunch on the rooftop of the MCA which was really nice, we ate, had a quick walk around the Rocks and then back to the ferry. At 2:30pm the F/A-18s were doing an air display, I managed to catch this one in the tooths of the Opera House –

F18 between the Opera House

F18 between the Opera House

On the way back we all sat upstairs for the journey, Oscar loved it –

Oscar loving the fast ferry

Oscar loving the fast ferry

Over Sydney Heads there was a constant rotation of helicopters, police helicopters, navy helicopters, ambulance helicopters, surf rescue helicopters this was one of the cooler ones –

Military Helicopter of Sydney Heads

Military Helicopter over Sydney Heads

A great day for Sydney, can’t wait for the next fleet review in 2113.