September 26th, 2009

Last week Sydney was covered in red sand that had travel led 1500km to visit Sydney. I woke up in the morning thinking it was the most foggy day I’d ever seen with the best sunrise ever combination. I made a video in the morning and put a little comparison video next to it as to what it normally looks like at this time of the day.

Sandstorm from SpaceAfter about 11am you wouldn’t have even known the sandstorm was here, it had completely disappeared and we were back to a normal blue sky day again!

September 19th, 2009

This week we went to see Jamie T at the Metro from tickets Amy got me for my Birthday, on the tour of his new album Kings & Queens. I first heard Jamie T at Mike and Rachael’s engagement party / pregnancy unveiling at Seal Rocks as Michael was a fan. I really liked the music and have been hooked ever since. Listen to his new track Sticks ‘n’ Stones at YouTube. The crowd were going crazy, crowd surfing, pushing shoving and plastic beer cups flying everywhere. Jamie T’s first album Panic Prevention made it into number one slot for G2007 Album of the Year 2009 awards.

Jamie T @ Metro 17th September

Last night we had a bowling evening with Mike and Matt, it was extremely fun but also competitive –

Amy, Matt and Michael Bowling Night

The highlight of the evening was when Michael got a strike and celebrated by throwing a wedge into the air –

Wedge Throwing Incident


September 15th, 2009

This weekend we went on a trip to the Hunter Valley, organised by Nancy and attended by Amy, Gail, Iain, Nigel, Marcus and Myself. Amy and I left on Friday night and had a very pleasant drive up to the glorious and massive house that Nancy had got us –

House with Amy, Nancy and Marcus on the Patio

Not shown in this shot was the pool, a very inviting clean nice pool that with the weather only in spring but around the high 20ies and tipping into the 30 degrees C it looks very welcoming. The reality of the pool was that the water was freezing, Marcus, Nigel and I managed to get in, I even put my head under for a few seconds but definitely not warm enough to be enjoyable!

The first full day we spent doing the obligatory wine tour, first off we hit up Tempus Two, probably the largest winery in the Hunter but with a fantastic selection of wines. There is now a little shop next to it which does a fantastic selection of cheeses, ice creams, olive oils and you name it! Here’s the ice cream section –

Ice Creams in the Freezer

Here is a shot of the group outside the Tempus Two winery post wine tasting –

Tempus Two Group

We then visited another winery called Audrey Wilkinson where I gave Amy a hug and then the people doing the wine tasting stopped and held up a sign saying no hugging/kissing allowed. It was a bit weird and I told Amy we shouldn’t buy any wine from there as pay back, it was all a big joke for everyone but I personally felt singled out and embarrassed – not the best way to try and sell wine (I didn’t buy any and will never drink Audrey Wilkinson ever).

We went back to the house where we played a lot of pool (there was a massive pool table in the kitchen area) and a bit of poker, the non-poker players cleared all the poker players up –

Poker on the Deck

We then had a lovely BBQ lamb dinner and Gail’s treacle pudding specialty that she also made in the Blue Mountains a few months back.

Here’s a picture of Amy with her new top and the fantastic backdrop to our Hunter Valley retreat –

Amy on the Deck with her new top

Altogether a fantastic weekend that did not last long enough!!

September 6th, 2009

Amy is away in Hong Kong for this weekend which is sad so I have made my own fun. I was going to spend Sunday writing computer code but decided instead, what with the fantastic weather, I’d do a walk around Manly and take the camera. So that is what I did! I’ve mapped the route and marked where the photos were taken on this embedded map –

View Gary’s Manly Walk in a larger map

What’s good fun about the map above, consider all the things you see on that walk and it took a good couple of hours to walk, keep hitting the “-” zoom out button to see how much more exploring could be done!

First Stop Gloria Jeans for an Iced Cappuccino

An iced coffee helped set the pace for the 5.8km walk that I was about to start. I decided to do a non-ocean route as the onshore winds were blowing, but I couldn’t resist having a quick look at the surf at the end of walk!

Little Manly Boat Ramp and Fish Quota and Sizes

I’ve never seen this little boat ramp before (or just not noticed it) and next to it was a small boat storage dock –

Boat Storage at Little Manly

I then continued the walk past little Manly beach and headed towards my favourite beach in Manly, Collins Beach. On the way I spotted this little wasp –

Wasp on a Flower

Through the trees and away from Collins Flat there’s a pipe that looks like its part of the Dharma Institute –

Have Faith, try and get back to the Island

The walk up to the top of the hill from Collins Flat is a long uphill struggle but good exercise, at the top of the road there’s a sign for Bandicoots, which I thought were imaginary –

Crash Bandicoot

And that concludes the photos to the walk! Until next time!