March 28th, 2009

Earth Hour is an initiative of the World Wrestling Foundation where individuals, businesses and governments turn off their lights for one hour to show their support for action on climate change. The largest climate event in history where millions of people around the world will unite by turning off their lights for one hour, Earth Hour, to demand action on the climate crisis.

I was excited as most people were here in Manly to get in on the Earthhour spirit. Like most things in the world, it takes the people at the top to start doing something to really make a difference so we look to the governments to get in on these things. Here’s Manly Wharf at 19h56 –

19h56 – Earth Hour T-Minus 34 minutes

As the count down began to the start of earth hour where people get to show the world how much we care about  looking after the planet, crowds came from near and far and arrived at Manly Wharf beach with their candles and drums to witness this great event. Drums played and cheers were being expelled by the crowd as the seconds of time ticked away to the start of this amazing event as we all in union switch the lights off and sit in darkness for a short period of time to tell the world we understand its plight.

And then, the moment arrived, the moment of time where human beings can stand together and say lets fight climate change, protect the future for our children and our childrens children and change the world –

BEHOLD! Earth Hour Manly Wharf 2009

This post was created because I felt sorry for the kids counting down to Earth Hour in the group on the beach (you can see them in the second picture) and then nothing actually happening.

March 20th, 2009

Amy, Ennette, Bobby, Troy, Tom, Marcus and myself went to see Russell Brand live at the Hordern Pavillion on Wednesday night. It was a really good evening and was very funny. The tour was called “Scandalous” and was about his recent outing with the UK press over the Manuel scandal his hosting of the VMA awards and various other times of getting into trouble.

The Manuel scandal really annoyed me because the radio 2 show he used to do with Matt Morgan, Mr G and Noel Gallagher was absolutely brilliant. The funny thing is if that had happened in Australia probably nothing would have happened as you can get away with pretty much anything on the radio here (swearing is allowed all day). In fact Russell even says they run TV and Radio over here like you would a farm or boot menders (watch the video with guest appearance by the Manly Ferry).

Russell Brand @ Enmore (previous night) – (C) Tea is Lovely – reproduced with permission

It was really good to see Russell again (after passing him walking out of a shop a few months ago) and really hope he comes back to Australia soon. Luckily there’s some more comedy coming our way –

Steve Coogan Live at the Enmore

Steve’s first tour to Australia and we got the tickets! Brilliant!

March 16th, 2009

Sunday morning saw the arrival of loads of Kayakers to Manly who had started off from the harbour bridge, which is about seven miles of kayaking. We watched them for a little bit then met up with Marcus, Nancy and Lorraine which was very nice.


The night came and Amy and  I went to see Coldplay at the Acer Arena at Sydney Olympic Park, before we even left home we’d met the 3rd best golfer over the age of fifty in Australia who doubled as a NRMA battery replacer as the car battery was flat. The night before we’d had a massive lightening storm and I wondered if the car battery being flat might have been related to the lightening storm. Apparently it isn’t but I think the jury is still out as I’ve yet to find evidence stating otherwise.

When we got to Coldplay we parked on level 7 of the multi-storey car park which meant we’d probably have to wait ages to get out of the carpark after the gig.

The actual gig was fantastic, we had standing tickets which we bought off Hari for face price, we were very lucky to get them as the place was sold out and its a fairly big venue. They had lots of props, butterflies fell from the sky (paper ones) and during “yellow” big yellow balls bounced around the crowd.

Coldplay with the lights up

The amount of cameras and phone cameras taking photos was crazy! Lots of Gen-Y’ers I think. When we got back to the car this was in the parking space next to us –

Acer Arena Car Parked next to us

Not sure why it was there but it was pretty funny. I know over on the Coldplay blog they have little dolls that represent the band, maybe this was their ride.

March 14th, 2009

Last night Amy and I went to the AIMIA Awards at the Australian Technology Park that I was kindly invited to judge at. It was a good night with free booze flowing and little mini mexican food bowls, satay chicken and rice balls which was fantastic. The section I judged was won by the entry that I was hoping would win which was good news.

1984 won’t be like “1984” stage setup

One of the highlights of the evening was finding out about Natalie Tran. She presented one of the awards and was introduced as having over 63 million views on YouTube and 150,000 subscribers which she didn’t seem to be that fussed about. Amy and I had never heard of her but we watched some of the videos she creates on YouTube and they are very funny. She starts off with an observation that she recreates using herself as all of the roles and then engages her fans based on comments they’ve left, I’ve embedded a recent video of hers called “to run or not to run” –

It was ashame I didn’t know who she was at the AIMIA awards as I think it would have been a fun person to meet.

Amy with the new Garden

I recently bought back a Yucca plant from the dead (the far left one, you can see it has one non-dead branch) and got so into it I ended up getting another one and then after I realised that it didn’t need much watering I got a much more demanding shrub (closest to camera) which requires watering twice a week. I’d love to get something which had fruit but our balcony doesn’t get much sun. I asked the guy at the garden center was he recommendation was and he said “move”. Amy has also got a new haircut which looks really nice don’t you think?

March 3rd, 2009

Last Sunday Amy and I hosted dinner for Nancy, Lorraine and Marcus around our house. We cooked the same thing that we cooked on Valentines day for our guests as we knew it was tried and tested and wasn’t going to explode in our faces if it went wrong.

Anecdote: I once cooked dinner for Karine and Mark in London and used green pepper which I thought I’d try out before they arrived, anyway it ended up being so hot when they arrived I was still no where near ready to serve dinner and had yogurt all over my face to try and cool down the burning from the chilli on my mouth and lips.

This dinner party went off very smoothly even if we did cook the food 40 degrees hotter than we were supposed to, woops. I gave Marcus tomatoe sauce with ice cubes as a starter but he didn’t like them.


Marcus, Nancy, Lorraine and Amy enjoying Dinner

Afterwards “So You Think You Can Dance” was on television and it is necessary viewing for Amy and Lorraine so the girls sat around watching that whilst eating chocolates.


So You Think You Can Dance Required Viewing Plus Chocolates

That night I had a go at making melon cocktails based on the previous nights dinner at Rosie and Sean’s house where melon martini was the order of the day which was good fun and went down well!