June 28th, 2007


Donald Price wrote into the Manly Daily to tell them he found a shark on Google Maps. I didn’t even have to put in the coordinates to find it once you know what you are looking for –

Manly Shark from Google Maps (c) Google

Close Up (c) Google

I think that is proof that they are always there, they are just not interested in eating humans (if this is a shark).

Google Manly Shark My Map

June 25th, 2007

Taryn and Wade came to visit us for a long weekend and to see some of the sites and sounds that the city of Sydney had to offer.

Amy, Wade and Taryn at Bower Restaurant for breakfast

We had a Manly day and toured up the Northern Beaches all the way to Whale Beach, which is only one beach shy of Palm Beach aka Palmy/Summer Bay. First stop was North Head, which has great views out to sea as well as back into Sydney, we even saw some Whales passing up the coast (although we only saw the spouts of water coming out no breaching).

Sydney from North Head

We had a coffee at Whale Beach looking over the sea, we also had some very smelly cheese which we couldn’t eat. That night we went to Cafe Sydney where Amy took me for my birthday last year. We sat outside with a view over Circular key and had some fantastic food as well as some fantastic service from some interesting waiters.

Cafe Sydney

The lamp on the table in the above picture is produced by an Australian company called NEOZ, they were very good but no doubt very expensive.

Taryn had never been to the Blue Mountains before so we headed up there. Our plan was to go to the Jenolan Caves, however we underestimated the distance to them so instead we went to the Three Sisters and Scenic World, where we went with Andres and Yami, the ride down the mountain is still just as fun.

Blue Mountains Shutdown

That night we had Tapas at a Spanish place near our flat in Manly. It was very nice, when we were there a group of girls came in and one of them was wearing a non-existent dress which we all had a laugh at. The next day we were driving around Kings Cross and on a balconly over looking the main road the same girl was dancing at 4pm in the afternoon. Insane!

Tapas in Manly Yum

We got home not very late that night and Amy and Taryn were straight under the covers watching TV –

Not hard to tell they are sisters

An excellent weekend which felt like we were on holiday ashame it had to end!

June 19th, 2007

This weekend we celebrated the engagement of Nancy and Marcus at the Manly Pacific Hotel right opposite Manly Beach. I imagine you have picture of a nice summers day with the sun shining and the golden sand of the beach meeting the beautiful blue water of the ocean. Unfortunetly that was not the case; it was dark, cold and raining (and it hasn’t stopped). However, we did not that let stop us from enjoying the night!

We met Nancy and Marcus at Chefs Table, a new restaurant in Manly which was very nice. They did a Baileys Creme Brulee which I wasn’t allowed to have but will be returning again to try it out sooner or later, we then moved on to the Pacific Hotel, everyone was already there so it was great to see all of the dudes from Woolloomooloo over as well as the gang from where Marcus and I used to work.

Nancy and Marcus Engagement
Nancy and Marcus Engagement Party

The place we were at was doing $10 cocktails, so we stuck to them for the night and ended up a little bit drunk!

Lozza, Amy and Simone
Lorraine, Amy and Simone at the party

Thanks for Marcus sending over the photos as we forgot our camera!

It was a great night, the next day we celebrated Jon’s birthday by having Yum Cha at Manly Wharf, to a backdrop of torrential rain.

To get an idea of how bad the weather / storms are over here, here is Narrabean Beach with no sand left on it –

Narrabean Sand Dunes
Narrabean Sand Problem (c) RealSurf
June 18th, 2007

Welcome to the very first G2007 Food Review. This series are all foods that I have cooked myself. I’ve got quite a sweet tooth so I’d like to start off with one you may be familiar with when visiting a coffee shop anywhere in the world – the Caramel Slice.

The Caramel Slice is also know as Caramel Shortbread, Millionaires shortbread or Millionaires slice. It is believed to be of Scottish origin.

For this creation I used White Wings Caramel Slice Mix. Here are the results –

Caramel Slice Heaven

I give this as 3 out of 4 stars as I felt a little let down by the caramel filling it doesn’t have the sweet taste I would have liked it to. This may be because I used low-fat milk rather than full strength stuff.

Keep your eyes peeled for more food reviews coming soon!!

June 9th, 2007

Update June 9:

Deadman’s, the bit which I was photographing and didn’t even realise started to get a bit better on Sunday, here’s Kai Otton looking like he’s about to eat it –

Marcus got some wicked pictures from Deewhy on Sunday as well.

June 8:

Today has been the biggest storm in Sydney all year. A ship has run aground and two others may run aground as well.

The lights have been flickering on and off all day and the Manly ferry was cancelled. At lunch time I couldn’t resist going down to the Bower to see if anyone was out there. No one. Just as I was driving away I saw two guys climb under the fence in a bit I didn’t even know you could get out in Update: A way to get to deadmans

Death Wish

A one point the two guys nearly went out but not because they wanted to –

Nearly Washed Away

And finally on Manly beach limited surfing was going on in the south corner, basically these dudes were getting one wave, coming back to shore, walking down the beach and going back in again.

Got one