April 30th, 2007

We celebrated Simone’s birthday in the Hunter Valley at a lovely little rustic house in the very small village of Broke.

We arrived in the evening to a wonderful reception of soup and smiling faces –

Happy but Broke
Happy Smilers

The next day we got on a big red bus that drove us around to some wineries to sample the delights. It was a very chilled out bus ride, to the point where no one knew we were arriving. We saw about 4 wineries a nut shop and a little road side shack that reminded me of India, where I bought some Balsamic Vinegar.

Wine Tour
Bus Tour Wine Drinkers

We had lunch at the Nightingale Wines restaurant which was really really nice.

Nightingale Wines Restaurant
Lunch at Nightingales

That night Lockie and Clare cooked some lovely meat and potato which we had after playing Limbo (great fun) and then a round of Cranium.

The next morning we had breakfast outside before heading off back to Sydney for the MTV Music Awards.

Outside for Breakfast on Sunday

A nice weekend spent in a part of the Hunter Valley we had never been to before, very chilled out!

April 26th, 2007

Congratulations to Ali a developer friend who got married in Sydney recently, and somehow got it onto the BBCPersian website –

Ali and wife on BBC News

Checkout the Article, no idea what it says.

April 20th, 2007

Update! Here’s a clip that I filmed for the guys at the Hopetoun last Wednesday –

Geezers and Breezers at the Hopetoun

BhangLassi played a full on live set at the Hopetoun Hotel in Sydney on Wednesday night to a packed out audience. Cheers went up when Geezers and Breezers was played, this may possibly be the debut record when they get signed.

BhangLassi at the Hopetoun

I made a video of lots of random clips as requested by Mike, I did it to the music of ‘Lifes a Dream’, its now on YouTube check it –

Lifes a Dream

Rock on!

April 19th, 2007

Amy has won tickets through Qantas for us to go to see the MTV Music Awards in Sydney next weekend which is great news!

I thought I’d do a bit of research on the internet about what goes down at the MTV Music Awards. What I found was a bit disturbing. This is the offical logo for MTV Music Awards Australia –

Cool, then I went onto the ever popular YouTube website to see if I could find any videos of previous years etc.. to get a feel of what we were in for, instead I came across this video –

Disturbing! Check out this slightly ‘out there’ post about the MTV Music Award video which dissects the promotional material even more and explains MTVs apparent hidden agenda!

April 17th, 2007

Toni, a friend of mine who I lived with and looked after a cat for in Sydney once, has had got a brand new baby daughter called Emma!!

Baby Emma

Congratulations Heike and Toni!!

April 17th, 2007

“Geotagging, sometimes referred to as Geocoding, is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as websites, RSS feeds, or images. This data usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates, though it can also include altitude and place names.” – Wikipedia.

I have begun the fun process of back tagging blog entries, there’s far too many to tag now (over 300) so I’ve created a ‘Best Of’ category which includes some of my favourite posts/important posts, like the terrorist attack in London.

Many of the ‘best of’ posts are all over the world so it is fun to see them overlayed on a map thanks to Google.

Mainland Europe Entries Geotagged

Australia Entries Geotagged

A slight different way to view G2007!

View the Australia Geotag Map and the Best of Geotag Map. The above images are copyright Google.

April 16th, 2007

The Blue Mountains are still a bit too close to Sydney to get really decent night shots, but I gave it a go anyway as there was no moon and it was a clear night, they came

86 second exposure


127 second exposure

Not as good as the Myall Lakes stuff.

April 15th, 2007

Rach’s 30th Birthday was celebrated in true “rach ‘n’ mike” style with a hard core camp in a cave up the Blue Mountains.

Yes, that is right, a cave! To get a sense of the size of it here’s Mike on the rope swing –

Mike in the rope swing in the cave

We arrived early on Saturday morning having not read the instructions to only bring a back pack as it was a 10 minute walk down a hill to the cave. It was hard work getting down there but nowhere near as hard as getting back up!

Breakfast Drumming

A walk was organised through the Blue Mountains called the ‘Grand Canyon’ specified as a 5km, 3.5 hour ‘medium difficult’ walk or ‘easy’ depending on who you ask.

It was beautiful but pretty hard work and now Amy and my legs are aching, not enough Canyon walking practice!

Walkers on a sandwich break

We really need to buy some proper walking shoes as our trainers weren’t really cutting it, the recent guy who got lost whilst trying to walk to Katoomba (and was sadly found dead) was on my mind the entire time. At one point Mike and me got split up from the group, the track started to become very difficult, we then realised we were not actually on the track at all which is all it takes to get lost.

Grand Canyon Views

With a sense of scale –

More Canyons

We did the walk a lot quicker than we thought, so headed into town for a cafe latte and a rest. We got back to the cave that night and had a great drum session and some impromptu gigs thanks to some of the members of Bhang Lassi.

Gemma’s wide angle lens came in handy again –

Cave Camp

Mark ‘the hatter’ who owned the cave came down and played music with us all night. For info on the cave see http://www.hattershideout.com.au. An excellent weekend spent maximum adventure, which is what you can expect with anything organised by R&M!

April 10th, 2007

This Easter a group of us went up to Northern NSW for a nice little get away from Sydney, such has been the Australian tradition last year and the year before. However this year rather than staying in Yamba we managed to score a nice little house in Byron Bay (shot using Gemma’s wide angle lens very nice) –

Cape Heritage Living Room
Cape Heritage Living Room

On the way there we hit some fairly heavy easter traffic, this sign was fun to see though –

Form 1 Planet (and lane)

Unfortunetly the weather was not too great for us whilst we were there, I managed to get out surfing once. The beaches are great at Byron, they all break really smoothly and are great for natural footed surfers. I went out a Clarkes Beach one afternoon whilst Amy went around the shops with Gemma. At one stage I had to get out though because the wind became an off shore gale force and was raining so heavy that I couldn’t see the beach anymore! It was a bit crazy to say the least.

Here is Wategoes beach with a break in the clouds and some slow moving mal waves coming through –

Wategoes with the sun out

Amy and I did a little day trip to Bangalow which was a nice little village behind Byron, it was overwhelmed with Easter holiday makers and shops there were doing a roaring trade. One of the shops there was called Abracadabra and it had a weird selection of goods on sale, such as these little toy cars –

Abracadabra Bangalow Toy Cars

We didn’t get to use the pool at our place in Byron, but it had a great view of the fields behind us so Amy and I went down there for a photo between the break in the clouds –

Amy and me by the pool at Cape Heritage

The husband of the couple that owned the place is an artist who makes things out of things he finds on the beach. The house was full of junk artwork on the walls etc.. you can see them and the house at the Cape Heritage website.

The house and “artwork” (bottles stacked)

A nice weekend spent in Byronshire it all went too quickly!

April 2nd, 2007

It’s a tsunami! NSW and Queensland beaches were closed and the Manly ferry suspended after 8.1 earth quake near the Solomon Islands –

Beaches closed

I went for an early morning surf in rubbish on-shore winds in 1ft conditions water temp was beautiful and visibility was amazing, I remember checking the cams later on in the morning at around 11am and thinking the on-shore winds must have blown blue bottles in as there was no one out there. Little did I know a Tsunami warning was in full effect!!

Check the Australian Tsunami Alert Service for more information.