March 25th, 2007

Rach and Mike planned a trip to camp at Glenbrook, one of the first towns you hit whilst leaving Sydney and heading towards the Blue Mountains (see the geotag at the bottom of the entry). It is pretty cool because its only 1.5 hours from Manly but still has the middle of the forest feel to it + kangoes, although you did get the odd tour bus pulling up to take photos of the roos then leave again –

Kangoes at Glenbrook

Amy and I setup tent in the midday Saturday sun (33 degrees) and had lunch in the little town of Glenbrook which was very nice, we then went back to the camp site to find Rach and Mike had returned from their super hard core bike ride (well sort of Mike got a puncher).

We then went down to the lagoon for a swim, it was a really nice day and couldn’t wait to get in the water. When we got down to the water, some one had put bread in the water and two of the biggest eels I’ve ever seen in my life were eating it. After some reluctance we got in and basically just floated on the surface constantly looking around us!

We headed back for camp just as the rain started to come down, we sat under the tent and chatted it was very nice.

In the morning I woke up and heard the pans moving around and some creatures running around. I got the camera and took a photos from the safety of the tent of the new camp gang in town –

Camp taken over by Cockatoos!

From 33 degrees on Saturday, to wearing two t-shirts and a pullover and STILL being pretty cold, Mike lit a fire –

Mike, Mia, Rach and Amy in the cold morning

Mia had not seen the Three Sisters, so we went up there to have a look. I’ve covered the Three Sisters a few times so here’s a different angle –

Tourists at the Three Sisters

We had to cancel the 3 hour hike that was planned for the afternoon for two reasons, 1. It ws raining and 2. It was too cold for Amy and I.

Here’s the car back in the car park, mud carnage!

Muddy Car

Thanks for reading.

March 19th, 2007

Adobe have a pre-alpha release of their Apollo framework available for download from their site. From Adobe’s website – “Apollo is the code name for a cross-operating system runtime being developed by Adobe that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) to build and deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) to the desktop.”. A neat idea, when you consider applications like Google Spreadsheets / Documents that currently run in a browser; it doesn’t feel right.

The good thing about Apollo is that it doesn’t require the need to learn any new languages. I’ve put together a GlobalSurfari RIA to prove how easy it is to use this took me about 45 minutes which included the time to work out Adobe’s Apollo API – if I had a bit more experience with the API it would have probably taken more like 5. I didn’t need to learn anything new because it is all simple HTML and JavaScript.

The cool thing about the test application is that it uses a Google Homepage Module ( as the source data for the destination dropdown.

Global Surfari Apollo Application

Get Apollo alpha from Adobe Labs, get the GlobalSurfari plugin from and the source code at

March 18th, 2007

BhangLassi, the band that has been described as sounding like “Patti Smith hit by a projectile with a dash of early Jethro Tull and a smidgen of The Commodores” are putting some sweet tunes out for the masses to hear in Sydney

4th April Cat and Fiddle Balmain
18th April Hopetoun Hotel Surry Hills
21st April Woolloomooloo Festival Woolloomooloo

Want to hear what BhangLassi sounds like? Checkout “the sun shines all over” by BhangLassi, video by Spoona

Rock On!

March 18th, 2007

Billy Corgan, Marcus, Saint Patrick and the Sydney Harbour Bridge were amongst the birthday and festive celebrations this weekend.

ABC had a great documentary on the bridge, it is an interesting bridge due to its design at the start of the 20th century which has the capacity today for 8 car lanes, walkway and a railway. It was also interesting to learn that the debt to English banks that were borrowed from to pay for the bridge was only finally completely repaid in 1986. It was also initially designed to be a cantilever bridge but John Bradfield the designer visited New York, saw the Hell Gate Bridge and decided he wanted to build one like that instead.

Last weekend we had Nancy and Marcus around (who are now engaged congrats) for dinner and a play on the WII which Amy got me for Christmas. Here is Amy and Nancy heavily into a game –

Wii Action

Last night we went out for Marcus’ secret birthday party. It was good fun but started to get hard work keeping it a secret, T-Bone was even avoiding talking to him just to keep it a secret. T-Bone, Isy and Dylan came over before hand for a cup of tea and Dylan showed us the boats and was very entertaining. The party was at the Woc K Bar in Manly which was very good, here is one of the tables –

The Bhang and Partners

We went to the Steyne Hotel in the evening and they wouldn’t let birthday boy in with his flip flops, so he swapped with Amy for her ballet slippers and they let him in –

Ballet Slippers?


March 9th, 2007

Good to see Nancy and Marcus are back in ‘stralia, Marcus sorted with a job within 24 hours of arriving which shows the tech market in Australia is pretty good at the moment. I wonder how long it will last,hopefully forever!

Yesterday I took this photo from the balcony of what looked like the storm from hell. Luckly it didn’t really hit the coast too much and just went out to sea. The bureau issued severe weather warning but cancelled it one hour later!

A Big Storm that just missed

Sidenote: Andres has been featured in Shift Magazine – nice one mate!

March 5th, 2007

A little video filmed last night from the balcony of the approaching thunder storm, not quite as amazing as the one in India but a bit closer –

March 1st, 2007

The legend that is Andres has created an almost feature length movie of his and Yami’s trip to Australia last month. The video is 12.5 minutes in total so sit back and enjoy!

[flv: 640 480]

From Andres – “What to look for: translucent water, wrong side driving, wombats and wallabies and peacocks and goannas, funny wii moves, camping, sleepy faces, lots of coins, coins used in blackjack, me in diving suit, 3 laptops, sharks and turtles and fish, a thermus, a funny japanese guide in colorful shirt and glasses, incredible view of australia day from the opera house hall, thai food, crazy octopus, lifeguard championship, welcome mat, happy bodyboard, gorgeous fridge with cheddar, and many smiles.”

Looking forward to seeing you guys again somewhere in the world!