February 27th, 2007

No need to come to Manly anymore, you can see it in super high definition detail taken by the google plane! Below is a map of Manly, NSW. If you click the plus button twice you really get a sense of detail of this mega-rich persons garden near Shelly beach.

February 24th, 2007

Yesterday morning saw a small glassy 1-2ft swell coming through Sydney area, I got up early in the morning with Amy and went down to for a morning surf to wake myself up for the rest of the day. The water temp was lovely, 4 other guys were out along with 8 dolphins! I told some early morning tourists that they were out there but they had already seen them. I paddled out and they were about 50ft away from us. The baby ones in the group were fully breaching the water, it was amazing to watch. Although to be honest it can be a bit freaky because the only reason they are there is because there’s food, so that means sharks are also probably out there eating the same stuff. I talked to one of the guys out there about the dolphins and how lucky we were to see them so close to the beach as I’d never seen them that close before.

The dolphin story was on the front cover of the Manly Daily this morning –

© ManlyDaily Photo: Brad Hunter

“A POD of dolphins delighted beachgoers at North Steyne yesterday with their presence indicating cleaner water and plentiful food supplies according to experts.

A group of eight cruised along the beachfront heading north early yesterday as a couple of fortunate board riders were on the spot to watch the spectacle up close.”

View the original story here.

February 19th, 2007

This weekend Amy and I went to the Hunter Valley, we stayed in a little area called Lovedale, which was very fitting as Valentines was so close. I kept it a secret from Amy about the location and had to rely on the new google maps service in Australia which gives directions. It was spot on, only 0.1km off for the turning off the freeway.

We left on Friday after work and got to our little villa at about 22h00. We had an early start which didn’t agree with Amy’s stomach as she was tasting wine at a cool 10h30 on Saturday morning!

amy in a winery in the hunter
Amy in a Winery in the Hunter

It was blisteringly hot!

amy and me in the hunter
Amy and Me in the Hunter

We bought the following wines –

Brokenwood, Tallaawanta, Gartelmann, The Gorge, and Tyrells. Gartelmann was probably our favourite as it was the most friendliest, as for if it is the best wine I’ll get back to that later!

In the evening we went to Leaves and Fishes which is a great place to eat in Lovedale. It was a bit weird inside because they drip water onto the roof, so it feels like it is raining, they also blow wind around the room so it feels like you are outside.

Amy and I in Leaves and Fishes
Amy and I in Leaves and Fishes

Whoa! A video. This is a little video of all the things we’ve been doing for a while. It’s a four minute video and covers Fiji to the Hunter Valley. It is available in Windows Media Video format which I believe is now a legacy format not even used by Microsoft themselves. I borrowed two videos off the legend that is Anhdres 😉

On Sunday we headed back to Sydney on the tourist drive which was very nice. We even had a little time in the afternoon to hit the beach! Weekend over 🙁

February 11th, 2007

Last night we went out to Amy’s friend Nathans 30th Birthday party at Soho Lounge in Potts Point.

Lozza, Amy, Simone at Hugo’s Pizza

First off we went to Hugos Pizza on Bayswater Road, it was really good pizza but an one hour wait for a table was crazy.

Lozza, Amy, Simone and Stu at the Soho Lounge

I took a shot of Nathan getting Happy Birthday sung for him –

Nathan (in flowery shirt)

Without realising at the time, the dude with the glasses and long hair in the shot looked familar. Turns out Nathan is friends with Ben from Six Ounce Board Store, the best surfboard shop on earth, and where I got the green machine, Nathan got an egg board from the store for his birthday, sweet!

A few days ago Simone and Stu came over for a game of Monopoly and to drink some Argentinian Mate. It was good fun although I get too competitive.

Amy, Monopoly and Mate!

You may have noticed the blog has changed a bit, I have made the fonts larger to make the site a bit more intimidating and changed links from red to blue. More importantly the site now runs on WordPress rather than MoveableType. MoveableType went a bit commercial, post setting it up and lost its community support.

February 3rd, 2007

We went to see Turandot Opera in the Domain last week which contain the classic ‘Nessun dorma’ aria, which you might have never heard of but if you heard it you would have if that makes sense.

Opera in the Domain

Last weekend we all went to the Ocean World, which is literally just across the road from us. It is very small but very quaint at the same time. They have sharks, tortoise, snakes, spiders and everything you could ever want. We went to the dangerous creatures show where we got to stroke a baby crocodile, have the worlds most dangerous snake (Inland Taipan – Oxyuranus Microlepidotus) held about 3 inches from your face and then the worlds most dangerous spider (Funnel Web – Atrax Robustus) do the same thing (in boxes thank goodness). All good fun.

Andres and me by the touch pool

The parents and Andres and Yami returned back to their homes recently, before they all left we had dinner at Le Kiosk on Shelly Beach here in Manly. It was very nice –

Parents with Andres as the godfather

On Yami and Andres’ last night we hit their favorite place to go, the Bavarian on Manly Wharf –

Last night at the Bavarian

This weekend we are back on our own and as the sun was shining we hit Palm Beach to sit in the sun and do a bit of surfing in the now very warm water, it was very pleasant –

Amy on Palm Beach

Sad to see parents and Yami and Andres leave but will see them all again soon!

February 1st, 2007

RSS / Atom syndication has been around for a while, it is an excellent method for keeping up to date with your favourite news sites, blogs, tech sites etc.. However, the problem I have been facing recently is how to look at all this information without it taking up half of the day. On WebWorkerDaily.Com I recently read about a website called NewsHutch.com which is a cool syndication reader for RSS / Atom which has the excellent ‘Mark as Read’ feature which makes the entries disappear once you have pressed it. Even better you can press CTRL+/ to skip through all the entries and mark them read. It really saves a lot of time and prevents overwhelming information overload.

I recommend taking a visit to NewsHutch and giving it a go, it is one of the most useful ‘web 2.0’ implementations I have come across.