February 26th, 2006

So the surf is not as great as it could be, we’ve been having 2ft-3ft waves that only surface about 10 metres from the beach which barrel close out in 1ft of water. So the amount of surfing going down has been low, as it is still a confidence issue taking a brand new board over the falls, especially with me on it, and after viewing Marcus’ bored snapped in half through the middle, confidence levels have taken a knocking.

Amy arrived at the airport and as I rushed through the terminal to get to her gate, I realised I was missing something. I had left the car keys and front door keys in the ignition of the car! Woops! Thankfully Matt’s dad lives very close to the airport and was kind enough to drop a spare set over!

We went out to Best Thai down in Kings Cross with Matt, Fizzer, Mike and Rach for a nice Thai based meal. We asked the waiter to take a photo, I don’t think he’d ever used a camera before as we were not all in it –

Fizzer, Rach, Mike, Me, Amy and Matt

We spent a few of the days cruising the down town and Northern Sydney. Food is great here, it is cheap and really good. We had Sushi rolls for lunch one day which only cost $2 (84p) but were more than enough for a snack. We have also been going to ‘Mr Big Stuff Cafe’ in Maroubra for some amazing breakfasts. The ‘Berry Muffin’ available there is possibly the best muffin on the market ever.

I went down to the ‘bra to catch some of the bra boys in true AquaBumps style action –

:: bra bits

The next night we headed over to Manly, initially we were going for a little surf but it was pretty blown out and blue bottles were everywhere, so we decided instead to just have dinner. We went to a place called ‘Jellyfish‘ which were a bit slow on the food delivery, I had Snapper which was a bit weird in the middle, but that may have been normal?

Amy, Nancy, Marcus and Me @ Jellyfish

The next day we arrived at the beach (far later than expected) for a little surf in the rubbish waves, we met up with Fizzer, Marcus, Nancy and Simone for a small beach session –

Freshwater Beach with Marcus and Fizzer

Afterwards we met some of Amy’s friends who have a new little baby and went out with Simone and Stuart for $6 steaks in Mosman, which was nice as have not seen them for a long time.

Well more updates soon, so take it easy. New swell arriving Monday……

February 20th, 2006

After driving over to Charmaine’s house to get my old surf board and talk computers for a bit Faisel and myself headed over to Manly to meet Marcus and go for a little surf. It was a really nice day, the sun was shining and the waves were pretty ok. I had a try of my new fish board for the first time (apart from a go I had at Maroubra which was a non-verdict) and managed to catch one or two, on one ride I managed to get inside the cylinder section of the wave, which isn’t as good as it sounds because it was a close out and 1 second later was crushed beneath the mass of water above me! Although the view was good for that one second.

Marcus, Nancy, DJ and Fizzer

After the surf and a lot of sun, we met Nancy, Marcus’ girlfriend and headed to Oporto for some lovely fast food chicken based products!! (see above)

A nice day spent surfing with Marcus, Fizzer and DJ (Japanese backpacker in Fizzers hostel), looking forward to seeing Nancy and Marcus again when Amy arrives! On a side note, unlucky to hear Marcus snapped his board the following evening, at least I got to have a go on it before that happened!

Afterwards we drove to Woolloomooloo to say a quick hello to Mike and Rach in the East Sydney pub! It was a good catch up and great to see them again, as well as their new flat!

Me, Mike, Rach, Fizzer and DJ

Funny how in the same day I met the only people I have met in the “real” world that have regularly updated blogs [Marcus, Mike].

The next day I was so tired and my arms were aching from all the surfing and I have managed to get the obligatory air conditioning sinus problems, but Fizzer and me headed out anyway. We went to go to Freshwater beach but decided on Manly as it was a much nicer wave. I took my shortboard as the forecast was looking bigger than it actually was, however in hindsight I would have gone fish (like you care). Anyway my arms are still tired so did not catch much but it is good practice. I caught one nice left which opened up to be quite a nice little section to play with, I actually got dropped in on but too “stoked” to have a wall to mind. I also did the sweetest duck dive of my surfing career, when a larger set was about to break on me, I managed to go right under the wave without feeling any of its force but only hearing the thundering sound it made as it crashed down above me! The pengiun surfing population has also increased (mentioned in April 2005) as I saw them today in the surf and got very close to them (as they chased after fish).

Amy arrives in a few days time and I am looking forward to see her as I am missing her already!

That is it for the time being, peace out ‘stralia style!!!

February 18th, 2006

I am staying at Matt’s house, which is very nice of him. He was flying so his parents were nice enough to pick me up from the airport and drive me to his house. I arrived in the Maroubra and went straight over to Bondi to meet Fizzer who arrived earlier that day.

We went over to the Woolloomooloo Fitzroy pub for a few drinks and met Chris and Andy, it was a strange feeling going back over to to the old haunts, a bit of a time warp feeling as if nothing had changed and if I’d never left! I got back at about 2am and just passed out to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, grabbed Matt’s board and throught I’d just get my feet wet and just get used to the water. The waves were 2-3ft and were real nice, no one got angry in the water so I have clearly been accepted by the bra boys. I then headed into Bondi to get a phone and buy a new board from Six Ounce Board Store, specifically for surfing in the UK. It’s a six foot green fish –

Green Machine

I spent the rest of the day in the water and am now totally zonked! More later!

Maroubra Beach

Oh yeah and its so hot its unbelieveable! Peace out.

February 16th, 2006

We arrived after what felt like a very short flight (got on plane, had something to eat, watched mighty boosh episode, went on the internet, went to sleep, woke up, had breakfast, went on the internet, landed) and IT WAS HOT!!!! Yes!

We got out of the airport with no queues or hindrance whatsoever and then got in a taxi and headed for our hotel. The friendly hotel people upgraded us to a room with two balconies on the 53rd floor, it is absolutely amazing!

Very Tall Hotel!

It is just opposite the original Raffles Hotel so we went over there for the obligatory Singapore Sling cocktail in the ‘Long Bar’, which has a very slippery floor as it appears customary to eat monkey nuts and throw them on it!

Amy and I in the Long Bar drinking Singapore Slings

After a mental nights sleep in the highest hotel room we’ve ever been in (woke up at 5am, had a shower, watched tv, went back to bed and couldn’t wake up until 10) we headed off for breakfast, although it seemed we had missed breakfast as all we could find were pastries! We then walked over to ‘Sun Tech City’ where the City Sight Seeing bus left for a tour of Singapore. It was funny because the directions we had was “yeah its in Sun Tech City”. Sun Tech City is practically a city as its 1km long and encompasses 5 towers all about as high as Canary Wharf!!! We found it in the end and got on the bus for free thanks to my mum having connections at work.

We got off at ‘Little India’ as it is apparently very similar to India. It is kinda of similar but a lot cleaner (compare picture below with second picture here), that is probably due to singapore being the cleanest city in the world, we had not seen any begging or litter anywhere! The smells of all the different spices and shops was amazing and so was the fish and meat market.

Street in Little India

So then we headed back on the bus and went for the entire ‘heritage city tour’, which took us through the city and into China Town, which had just celebrated their new year so some of their decorations were still up –

China Town – Year of the Dog

When we got back from the bus tour we hopped on the ‘Duck tour’ operated by the same company, it took us out into the harbour and past the Merlion which has the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

CBD from Duckboat

I won a ducktours duck beak thing for guessing correctly the amount of floors in the tallest hotel in Singapore (ours).

After going back to the hotel (which was connected to Sun Tech City via a subway/shopping mall) and having a little sleepy, we got on the very easy to use transportation system to Orchard Street, which is probably the best shopping street in the world! It is wall to wall shopping malls with all the latest brands and high tech gadgetry. Some stuff is pretty cheap as well! I picked up a new bag that I was going to get in ‘stralia for about £60 less than I expected to pay.

Amy on Orchard Street in Shopping Heaven

After a hard shop and buying a tripod (probably didn’t bargain it down as cheap as I could have), we headed back towards our hotel and found a nice little “asian fusion” restaurant, set with a waterfall background and a church above it and had Thai type food and some Lychee Martinis.

Lychee Martini

Afterwards we headed up to the bar on the 71st floor of the hotel and had another Lychee Martini (and felt a little drunk afterwards). It had a great view but I actually think the view from our balconies was nicer!!

View of the Moon from Balcony 1

View of Street from Balcony 1

View of Street from Balcony 2

All photos taken with my new tripod! Amy and I have had an excellent whirl wind trip in Singapore, it has been great fun battling with feeling absolutely shattered and wide awake at the same time! We have seen some cool stuff and have had a nice little holiday here!!

I’ve got enough footage for a video which I will no doubt put up here when I get back or if I get time in ‘stralia!

February 14th, 2006

I never thought I’d be writing a blog entry at 30,839ft but here we are!

Sky High Internet

Singapore airlines are definitely my favourite airline in the world. Not only have we already watched an episode of Mighty Boosh on the on-demand in flight entertainment, but we can browse the world wide web and check our emails from the comfort of our seats using free (for two hours) wireless internet!!!

I wrote the last entry in a bit of a rush but as you can see, for valentines day I got Amy a lovely picture of us both on the beach, kindly drawn by my good friend Andres! Thank you man, you rule.

Well that is it from the 958km/h blog in the sky!! More pictures and photos and everything soon!!!!

February 14th, 2006

A clue about who I am going with…

Next update Singapore!!!!!!

February 8th, 2006

So the trip to the other side of the world starts in five days! I really can’t wait, it is so exciting to be going back to Australia. I will also get to see a little bit of Singapore on the way! Great!

So this weekend Kim, Gin and Dino came down from the country for a last farewell and a bit of a party!!! Dino was pleased to see that ASDA were doing 4 bottles x3 for £9!! I would have been happy going halfs on a pack, meaning I’d get six bottles, but Dino wanted to go the whole hog and get 12 bottles each!

To make it fun we attempted to get 12 different beer brands from 12 different countries of the world. We messed up a little bit because we thought that ‘Cools’ was from Canada, when actually it is from Colorado! We also got a Peroni (Italy) from the fridge in ASDA for a cold one on the way (which took the beer count to 13)!

I made it half way around the world before going to sleep, whilst Dino made it to 12 and reluctantly didn’t bother going for No. 13 because Gino and Kim had also fallen asleep as well. We tried to get him to drink it the next morning but he wasn’t interested. The reason for Dino being able to drink so much is possibly because he is still a student and is number one for the search term ‘paris hilton naked‘ at Google Images with safe search turned on (default), which gets on average 12,500 views a month (150,000 a year).

So it was good to see them and funny to hear that ‘Sat Nav’ took Gino in his new Toyota Avensis 3 hours to get out of London, taking them past every London tourist attraction there is. Dino was also obviously fairly happy with himself, as we felt sorry for his poor student life that we donated the rest of the bottles to take back to his campus.

Here are some of the ‘snaps’ from the weekend cleverly created using Picasa. Featuring a little walk that Gino, Kim and myself did before meeting Dino at the train station (such highlights included London Bridge, City Ice Rink, Lloyds of London and the Swiss Re building). You can also see our shopping trolley filled with all of the beers for the night!

I was looking at some of the surf reports today and I think I know where I’d rather be (which will not be long now) –

Boscombe, UK – 8th Feb


Bondi, Aus – 8th Feb

Pictures © A1 Surfcheck and Aquabumps respectively. That is it for now, take it easy and enjoy the UK weather.

February 2nd, 2006

It was early in the morning and Dave looked concerned. Firefox was one of the few programs he could get to work on his system because the beta of IE7 he had installed had not gone well. It was not working at all and because IE is integrated in nearly every other Microsoft application no other programs worked. System Restore won’t run because it uses IE7 Beta 2 to generate the application. Control Panel won’t run because it uses IE7 to generate the application.

How on earth do you remove IE7 Beta 2 from your system in the scenario? Luckily Dave and me worked it out.

* Download this file sysr.vbs.
* Run in a command box with the command ‘cscript sysr.vbs /rpenum’
* One of the lines will be Name: Installed %1 %2. Number: XXX Type: 0 Time: 20060201173746.080419-000 or something similar
* Run in the command box ‘cscript sysr.vbs /restore XXX’ – replace XXX with the number listed in the above line
* Reboot

With a bit of luck you will see the System Restore application running and you might just have control of your computer back again!