September 29th, 2004

I just went to brush my teeth and this bad boy is on the wall outside Tag’s room. It’s the biggest scariest looking spider I’ve seen in my life, I’d say it was about the size of a baby elephant. I am imagining it crawling across my face tonight as I sleep… infact…. I will not be sleeping tonight!!!

Sorry if you are scared of spiders.

September 26th, 2004

On the 19th of September the whole world celebrates talk like a pirate day. It is a general day where you must say things like “arrrrr” and “shiver me timbers” a lot. Wesley decided to celebrate it in style by dressing up and causing havoc all over Sydney City and The Rocks. Wes had hired an entire outfit and really looked the part. Andrew, Chris and myself were a little bit under pirated, we all just bought an eye patch from a pharmacy before hand and left it at that! We started in Darling Harbour and visit the Maritime Museum where we found some of our stuff from our ship! –

After taking over some buses “we be taking over this ship”,causing havoc at peoples weddings and shouting “where by the booty!” whilst walking through the Sunday Rocks market, we ended up at a pub where, because of our attire they invited us down to the dungeons. It turned out to be a very interesting story; The Rocks is a really old (in the non-England style) part of Sydney and this pub was used by captains of the sea to recruit ship workers. However, they would just wait for them to get drunk and then kick them down into the cellars of this pub. A tunnel from the cellar to the sea lead them onto the boats. Apparently people had died down there, it was also used as a prison where people were shackled to the walls (which are still there). This is Wes with a captured skally wag –

A brilliant Sunday!! Visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day website.

September 19th, 2004

Went to see Bonnie Prince Billy this evening at the Annadale Hotel Sydney. It was strange because the Annadale Hotel is some unknown obscure place in the Western Suburbs down the Paramatta Road! But wow what an amazing gig, this is probably the best gig I have seen in Australia so far, beating The Libertines. I had never heard of Will Oldham until recently. He has played with Papa-M and always plays under an alias. Matt Sweeney is currently playing with the band and the last time I saw him was with Zwan in Amsterdam; so there was a lot of nostalgia. I don’t actually own in BPB records but next week I am definetly going to buy one! A picture from the gig –

Will is in the centre, Matt is on the right and I can’t remember the name of the girl on the left.
September 19th, 2004

Whilst at Toby’s Estate Coffee House this lunchtime with Andrew and Chris. Chris decided to bring his camera down, it is an EOS 300D so it looks fairly professional. I was taking a photograph of my ‘Woolloomooloo Latte’ with Chris’ camera when I noticed a suspicious looking bearded man with a hat and shades on looking over in our direction from about 2 metres away. There are a lot of homeless people that walk around Woolloomooloo and I just thought it was a homeless person who was probably going to ask us for some money or try and steal the camera. Anyway the guy gets his coffee and then steps into a Bentley parked outside. It was only when Chris mentioned it was Russell Crowe did I put the facts together. If I had moved the camera up slightly while taking the photo of the coffee the situation could have got pretty nasty as Russell has a reputation for being a fighter (2). However, we could have also made an absolute fortune selling the pictures to ‘Hello’ or ‘OK!’ magazines.

Here is the picture of the latte. The yellow arrow points to the direction where RC was standing at the time. If you like, this is a photo of a latte as witnessed by the film star –

September 15th, 2004

A Gmail notifier written in .NET! What an original concept! Click here to learn more!

September 14th, 2004

I am helping my friend from Argentina host his site on the g2007 network! Check out his site! Click the icon –

September 8th, 2004

I have created an anti-donate icon for websites that don’t have the please donate logo. Please visit the homepage of the ‘no donation required’ site and spread the word! The rollover text for the icon reads ‘This website proudly makes a loss!’. I thought it was a good idea 🙂

This website proudly makes a loss!
September 7th, 2004

Some pictures from surfing at Palm Beach (also known as Summer Bay to all you ‘Home and Away’ fans) courtesy of Alma (a Spanish name that means ‘soul’ in English) –

Magnus, Me and Dis in a group discussion about how to stand on waves

Walking back to the starting point after being taken down the beach by the current

Me with my ‘too hard to start on’ board

Magnus, Dis and Me after a hard days trying to surf
September 6th, 2004

Surfing is going well. I have four bruises on my right hip, a weird red rash/scar on my neck and a very nasty graze on my left leg which was caused by me getting locked in*, mullering** and then hitting the sea bed. I’ve only thought I was going to drown twice now in about 12 hours of surfing which is a good thing I suppose.

Rach. and Mike were kind enough to invite me along with them to the Sydney Opera House for the 25th Anniversary of the Organ. It is the largest mechanical organ in the world. Here is a picture of it from our seats –

It was a good evening of organ related music apart from the 10 different versions of the Australian anthem that they played ‘only with their feet’ – sounds better than it err… sounded. That night it thundered all the time, I took a cool long exposure picture of the opera house with a lightening bolt in the back in the back ground. I put it on Deviant Art, you can click here to see it.

The weather took a turn for the worst last weekend and there were hail stones the size of golf balls falling from the sky (well almost the size of golf balls) that’s a 5 cent coin for comparison –

Also if you are bored then checkout Knoxs Korner and check out the clay videos. They are very funny there’s some very clever humour going on here, especially when the guy that makes them looks like an adolescent.

* Locked In – when a wave crashes and the surfer is inside of it.
** Mullering – Wipe-out of the highest order

September 5th, 2004

I have some gmail invites available! Email me a if you want one.