July 29th, 2004

Three gigs in four days! Matt, Andy, Chris and myself went to all three of them. Here is a quick round up and some pictures –

Jurrasic 5

This was the first gig at Hodern Pavillion here in Sydney. Money Mark was the first guys to play and they were really good. The did the ‘I’ve got my hand in your head’ classic, the DJ, Mike Realm, finished by playing two little numbers, one was a Lennon song and the other was a Charlie Brown remix with some frantic mixing! It was excellent. We could have left after that alone. Next up were J5, they were ‘the bomb’. To be honest this is not the sort of music that I normally listen to but I enjoyed the gig very much!


This gig was at the Metro (not Chicago). The venue was great it has a little bar when you go in and some really weird lights. It also has some ignorant staff and unfriendly bouncers. I was pushed by the lady behind the counter to stand slightly to my right which was embarrassing. However I did get her back after asking her if we had finished the transaction and the arrogant “yes” reply, why she hadn’t given my credit card back. The tide had turned – a cautionary tale. Ozomatli were brilliant and very lively and so was the crowd! Jumping up and down and dancing all night, it was great. At the end the band came off stage and played in the middle of the crowd! It was insane! We were right in the front and I got some excellent photos. Here is one of the main guy pulling a huge grin –

Afterwards we went to the bar (everyone else went home as it was a Sunday night). We were at the bar buying some beers and one of the band members (the one in the white t-shirt above) was standing next to us making conversation…with us! It was all very rock and roll as you can imagine! Then some girl in a low cut top appeared and he stopped talking to us – couldn’t really blame him.

Snow Patrol

Some good old rock music to finish the ‘festival’ that we had been going to! The venue was the Gaelic Club, which is tiny and really intimate. It was a bit like Paradiso Amsterdam but smaller!! Keane were the warm up band they were really good considering they did not have a guitarist! I have listened to Snow Patrol a bit recently so when they played their tunes it was really good to be able to sing along…and jump around!! The crowd were really poor and didn’t seem to get into it. Andy was adamant that this was due to them all being ‘pommies’ at the end he did a survey and they actually turned out to mostly be German. A great end to the tour, although I was nearly sick that night from too much jumping around and too much alcohol (I wasn’t though, India has made it impossible for me to be sick). No pictures from Snow Patrol, the battery was flat!!!!!

July 25th, 2004

Some video of Australia. It includes some tourist type shots of Sydney as well as some video from my birthday, as well as feeding the cat, going on the sailing boat and going to a load of gigs (more on that later, we drank at the bar with some people out of Ozomatli tonight (yeah we rock) a post to come about this on Tuesday/Wednesday after the last night of our mini festival. All videos put to some Frank Sinatra! Download the video here – right (Right click this link and do ‘Save Target As..’) then double click it when it is on your computer.

July 24th, 2004

After a day of emails back and forward we finally got a venue for my birthday celebrations. I booked a karaoke bar in the city with no knowledge of what it would be like. We started off in the Fitzroy for a few social drinks to get us into the karaoke vibe. Rachel and Mike made a card for me out of computer parts (yes I already have a reputation) –

We then went for a very quick Chinese meal in the city and moved on to the Karaoke bar. A lot of happy songs being sung, I was extremely pleased to find Smashing Pumpkins in the book! I did Zero and Thirty-Three, which got a standing ovation at the end! Brilliant! I was very humbled at the ‘crowd’ of people who came out for the evening. This was our Karaoke room – $10 each for two hours at Paradise Karaoke Sydney! –

A brilliant Friday night, tonight we are off to see Jurassic 5!!

July 17th, 2004

What a fun weekend! Probably the best one in Sydney so far for me! To continue the celebration of Chris’ birthday we went on the pub golf tournament around Woolloomooloo. It was 9 establishments, one of these being a pie shop (change beer for pies). I personally managed to finish one under which I thought was not a bad effort! However, we ended up going out for more drinks in Kings Cross afterwards, which, to be honest, was an error of judgement as we were to go sailing the next day. Here is the score card that we had to carry to each bar, fill out and get verified –

Saturday morning, after a mere 5 hours sleep we were out sailing in Sydney harbour. This was brilliant! Although the approaching storm made us all a little nervous. Henry pensively looking into the storm –

However, the storm seemed a million miles away and we were off sailing in the harbour –

It started off well, and I felt pretty good, but then Andy was sick and so was Harry, who I’d been out drinking with until the early hours. Then I started to feel a bit queasy, then the heavens opened, and the shower made me feel fine again! Yes, that is a Microsoft anorak. I got it for free ok…

Navigating a sailing boat in this weather was very tiring, and considering we nearly all had hang overs from pub golf we had a very relaxing Saturday night –

More pictures from Chris’ birthday can be found here.

July 16th, 2004

Thanks to Chris’ 30th Birthday, Esther (his girlfriend) got him a trip in a plane over Sydney. They took my camera. So here is a picture of where I live from the sky!

July 11th, 2004

I have been put in charge of Mishima the cat. She requires feeding twice a day at her home at an undisclosed location in The Rocks. Here she is eating her dinner –

Today we went to the Aroma Coffee Festival in The Rocks. I think I am going to take some barista courses just for a laugh!!

July 10th, 2004

One of my friends here in Australia left ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ at our house. So I started to read it and have finished reading it and it is excellent!

Anyway there’s a point in the book where they talk about The Monty Hall Problem (see the link for information), my flat mate Andy does not believe changing matters. So I have written a little program in C# .NET that tries to prove The Monty Hall Problem. Here it is, although the results really seem to prove absolutely nothing –

Random r=new Random();

bool change=true;

int correctChange=0;
int correctNoChange=0;
int maxLoop=100000000;

for(int x=0;x<maxLoop;x++)
    int correctAnswer=r.Next(3);
    int guess=r.Next(3);
    int showDoor=0;

    showDoor=correctAnswer%2 + 1;

I ran this 10,000,000,000 times and the difference on changing was 161026.