May 27th, 2004

When I say football I mean Rugby. I went to the Telsta Stadium with some of my flatmates yesterday for the ‘State of Origin’ New South Wales vs. Queensland. It was a great to be with all those Ozzies. I supported NSW as that is the state I am in now. NSW won with a kick in extra time, reminiscent of the winning England kick from the World Cup (also in the same stadium)!

We had pretty good seats too –

Fishing is going well, I now own a NSW fishing licence and $30 fishing rod, I am away…

May 23rd, 2004
May 22nd, 2004

Yes and I caught one!!!! It was a Bluegil, otherwise known as a Brim. We were fishing out of a place called ‘Rose Bay’ and it had some marvellous views of Sydney and is in a very quiet area, here is a view over the water –

When I reeled the guy in, it jumped off the hook and onto the rocks, so here is a picture of it when we moved it to some water (the fish is at the bottom of the picture with proud owner) –

Tonight the poor little guy is going on the barbie!!!!

May 21st, 2004

I’ve been doing a ‘beach tour’ during the day, as everyone else seems to be at work. Today I drove to Palm Beach, because it is actually not summer (although it is still 22 degs), no one is on the beach, but it is so nice, I think I’ll be spending most of the summer here!!

Last Saturday I went with some of my new flat mates to the Surry Hills Festival, here is a picture of some crazy band –

Papa M are coming to Australia next month!! Yayy!! So I am going to go and see them at the Gaelic Club.

There’s not actually that much to do during the working day time as everyone else is at work, so I am off to find a job for the winter months and save up for a trip to Tokyo and a Canon EOS 300D.

May 15th, 2004

yes, the wheels are stupid
May 9th, 2004

I’ve moved to another hotel for another four nights. It’s called ‘Young Womens Christian Association’ hotel, it is next door to Travelodge but about $60 a night cheaper (although I have to share the bathroom). It is a bit of a come down from the hotel in India where there was two showers in the room!

I watched Neighbours on Channel 10 last night, I only recognised Harold Bishop that was it. I went to Bondi Beach and saw these rocks, reminded me of the night Harold disappeared –

Harold!!!! Where are you Harold!!!!!

Bondi Beach is just a beach shocker (although I was warned about this) –

As is typical for holidays I’ve covered about 50 miles on foot since I’ve arrived and have the blisters to prove it!

This bridge is 100x more impressive than Tower Bridge –

Went to my first ozzie barbie last night, they are a lot like BBQ in England except the meat tastes better and sausages are called ‘snags’!!

May 6th, 2004

I’ve found a flat at last, I was getting concered I would have to live with 35 year olds as that is all I seemed to be finding. The flat I’ve found is with some young people who seem cool, moving in on Tuesday. It is in a place called Woolloomooloo about 10 minutes walk to the city! Anyway, here are some pictures of Sydney –

The City

The Tower

The Bridge

The Opera

That’s it. I’ve done Sydney, I can come home now……….(only joking)

May 4th, 2004

I have arrived in Sydney. What an excellent city. It’s so clean, the streets are a lot like America and the traffic lights make funny noises, brilliant! I do feel like I am living in the Matrix (sad I know) though as most of this city features in that film (that I’ve probably watched about 7 times, sad I know).

Need to find a flat so laters. Pictures later, I’ve taken some great ones already!