April 30th, 2004
A big thunderstorm last night! This filmed looking over the airport from the hotel window –

More later.

April 22nd, 2004

I’ve never seen anything like this before! It’s very windy outside and its no longer in 100’s of degrees of farenheit.

This is the normal view from the 14th floor –

And this is what it looked like a minute ago –

It feels like a desert just landed on top of us.

April 17th, 2004

It has taken 4 years, but finally, I have made it to the number one spot at Google. This is a defining moment. No longer am I ‘that other Gary Brewer’ but I am now more high ranked than this Gary Brewer. The bluegrass artist from Kentucky.

A screenshot just incase it changes tomorrow –

April 17th, 2004

Gulab Jamun are probably the tastiest things ever! Here’s a link to their recipe. There are little balls of sponge soaked in warm sugar syrup, they are absolutely delicious. Next time you are at the Indian restaurant ask to try a Gulab Jamun or one of its variations for dessert.

I have not added an entry for a while about India so here is a full update.

Going out and walking around in the heat is getting difficult now I must admit. Even with a pair of shades, sun hat and 2 litres of Evian I get a headache after 2 or more hours. The weather has been hitting around 42C (108F) recently. New Delhi is the hottest place on CNN’s world city weather thing that they show from time to time.

This is Dipti, her Mum and her friends at Delhi Golf Club, about to have some Chinese food for lunch! It was strange meeting someone in Delhi who last time I saw was in London!

This is a place called Karol Bagh that is the grey market for electronic goods in Delhi. It was too hot to be shopping this day really.

This was taken on the NH8 back from the office of the DLF tower, with one of the buffalo that just stand in the middle of the road.

On Friday we went bowling. We tried to go to the place that offers Ice Skating and Skiing?!?!? But they wouldn’t let us in for some reason!

This is a picture from a Sari shop in Karol Bagh that I put on my page at Deviant Art.

April 12th, 2004

Yeah I rule.


April 11th, 2004

I put my swimming trunks on about 4 hours ago, I’m still sitting here because I found this DeviantArt.com it is brilliant! Loads of people submitting photos, poetry etc… a great site. I might even pay for a subscription it’s that good! My page at DeviantArt.

April 8th, 2004

third world india, with mcdonalds, m&s and a jewller

whoever did this sign should have used a ruler

a full indian dog that just ate a lamb buna

i bet in london the weathers a lot cooler
April 2nd, 2004


April 1st, 2004

…you can do… on a Wednesday night…in a hotel…in India…that does not have a bowling alley….

Well everyone likes the videos so, here is a new video. Firstly it is of the Taj Mahal. You are not really supposed to make videos of it so I kept it short and sweet. As for the rest of the video…. On the way back from Fatehpur Sikri to Delhi we must have took a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up on possibly the most bumpy road in the world. This is us, somewhere between Agra and Delhi. At one stage we were in a village where the was no other cars and the roads were barely big enough to fit us down. It was very interesting though because I got to see life outside of Delhi and inside the villages. Apparently these are not what ‘real’ villages are like in India, these have also been exposed to westernization because they are only 100km or so away from the cities. The music accompanying the video is probably my favorite song that I have heard here so far; it is called “Sun Sahiba Sun”, which apparently means ‘Listen Mrs. Listen’, and the bit after that which sounds like “Car Likey Done” means ‘In the name of love’.

This is rural India at its greatest –

This is a tame stripey Mr. Squirrel enjoying his lunch at Red Fort –

I uploaded this video ages ago but it looks like I never linked to it. It is an amalgamation of videos that I have done with this camera since I bought it as well as messing around with some video editing tools (probably done on a similar Wednesday evening) put to some excellent zwan music. The last clip is my favorite. It is the sun disappearing under the horizon filmed through some binoculars for about 2 minutes then sped up to 180 frames a second. Other clips include Melissa Auf Der Maur rocking in London, Gin, Al and Kim, very drunk in an Indian restaurant in Stratford and London in the snow.

This camera really is great, I can now keep a diary of things as well as put pictures and video to it. It really is something worth doing, as when I look back at sites like ‘Benidorm Boys‘ it brings back some great memories!!

The good news is that one of my friends from London is going to be coming to Delhi in a couple of weeks and we are going to meet for lunch at Delhi Golf Course!!!

The bad news is that I think the pig in the video from a few posts ago was hit by a car/truck today and was killed (I know its the 1st of April and that wouldn’t be funny if it was an ‘April Fools’ so I’m not joking).

That’s all until next ssssign…