February 29th, 2004

24 hours notice for a night of going out obviously wasn’t enough for some people. However, Dino and Gino both managed to make it down for a night of drinking. First we went to Bar and Kitchen in Hoxton Square and then onto Plastic People. Plastic People was very funny, they gave us a disclaimer before we got in asking us if we were sure that we wanted to go in!!!

This picture below is my favourite, it is taken in Bar and Kitchen, but we could have easily been in a building somewhere in a freezing part of Eastern Europe.

I thought my luck was in when I got given this number for my coat (Pumpkins related) –

Until the next time,


February 28th, 2004
February 27th, 2004

Sing in scout style –

I went flying in the air
With my old college chum.
Suddenly he said to me,
“We’re bound for kingdom come!
Is there anything on your mind
Before you wear a crown?”
I began to shake and said,
“Write this confession down:

“I like pickled onions,
I like piccalilli.
Pickled cabbage is alright
With a bit of cold meat on Sunday night.
I can go termartoes,
But what I do prefer,
Is a little bit of cu-cum-cu-cum-cu-cum,
Little bit of cucumber.”

February 27th, 2004

I don’t really like the way things are going in this country at the moment. Good job I am leaving, I hope when I come back things will be back to ‘normal’. Here is a list of things I would like to see banished from the UK –

  • ‘Cool’ credit cards, that think they look good by having curved edges. They still put you in the red.


  • Pop Idol
  • Pop Stars
  • Pop Stars the Rivals
  • I’m a celebrity get me out of here
  • Big Brother
  • Celebrity Big Brother
  • Big Brothers Little Brother
  • Teen Big Brother
  • Big Brother’s Mother/Davina McAll
  • Any form of DIY program specifically the ones with Laurnce-Lewen-Bowen
  • UK TOP 40 Singles (meaningless)
  • Dermot O’Leary
  • Abbey National’s rebranding
  • Back to Reality
  • 24 Hour Quiz
  • The program where they had to stay awake for 6 days
  • T4
  • Graham Norton
  • Mobile Phones

    Actually the majority of this list could be wiped out if we got rid of Channel 4.

  • February 25th, 2004

    Hurray! I have the first beta of the Hot Zoup Reader available! Please test it and tell me on what scale it crashes your machine.

    Download it at http://www.hotzoup.com.

    Screenshot –

    February 24th, 2004

    I have a cold at the moment. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get a cold as I ensure that I take at least 200/400mg of Vitamin C every day during the winter. The good news is I think its clearing. Going out at the weekend didn’t help. I took all my stuff back to my parents house last weekend, hired one of those Mercedes A-Class motors from EasyCar.com. It is actually a pretty cool car, although the boot is too small. Would be a good car if you have a family. It was the first time I have driven in this country in 3 years, the fact that it was an automatic and I didn’t realise at first that you don’t use your left foot for the break at all was a bit funny!!

    Bought the last vinyl I think I’ll be getting for a while 🙁 – here’s a picture of it. It is Melissa Auf Der Maur’s first single on blue vinyl – I’m not sure how rare this is going to be –

    Went out on Saturday night with some mates from home for the last time in about 13 months. It was a good night. I made this video (WMV) of Kim telling Gin to ‘lower the tone….now’ – absolute comedy (we were very drunk).

    Thats about it for now.

    Oh, HotZoup Aggregator is coming together, I’ve got an error that appeared out of nowhere, I’ll probably finish it when I am in India.


    February 20th, 2004

    You may remember this post about the attire of players at snooker matches – a reply has been received, straight from the top of the professional snooker body (well almost). Here is the letter sent to me by Matt (thanks). I love the address ‘The Royal Borough of Kensington’, I am surprised ‘Her Majestys United Kingdoms’ wasn’t added to that.


    February 18th, 2004

    Billy Corgan blames James Iha for splitting up the Smashing Pumpkins! From Billy

    The truth of the matter is is that james iha broke up the smashing pumpkins…not me, not jimmy, but james…did it help that d’arcy was fired for being a mean spirited drug addict, who refused to get help? No, that didn’t help keep the band together, not at all…it made it very hard to go on, but we soldier! ed thru it even though our hearts were broken…But d’arcy didn’t break up the band, we didn’t let her…and jimmy didn’t want to break up the band, not at that time…and I would have gone on forever…the smashing pumpkins were essentially my entire life…a dream I still believe in…many friends at that time suggested letting james leave, so jimmy and I could continue on under the name…but I was too loyal to the man I had started the whole thing with, and I protected him until the very end…right up until the last show on dec 2, 2000, when he thanked d’arcy on stage, but not the 2 men standing next to him…and I was loyal until he left the metro without even saying goodbye, or an ‘its been great boys!’, or a simple ‘I love you’ to us…no, james iha left the metro that night without saying goodbye to the 2 people he had won and lost and traveled the world with…so I won’t be protecting him anymore…and I won’t be protecting a whole lot of other people anymore…

    I don’t like reading this really, I always think of the Smashing Pumpkins as a happy band – you know, the guys having fun painting on the side of the ice cream van.

    I think this picture from Netphoria sums it all up –

    February 17th, 2004

    I got up for work and hour early this morning

    More worringly I didn’t notice until I was half way there

    True Story.


    February 16th, 2004

    Well what an excellent gig! We arrived at about 19h15 and went straight in, there was two warm up bands, the second being a band called ‘minus’ that were heavy rock, they were pretty cool, they have an album coming out soon I believe.

    It seems like a lifetime before Melissa and company came out. I saw through the curtains the group hugging each other before they came on, which was a nice touch. Oh, and Kim lighting a cigarette as she walked on stage.

    The band went right into it and it was excellent! The venue was packed and everyone was rocking! I don’t have the album yet (it doesn’t come out until 1st March here) so I am finding it hard to remember the tunes. She did play, Real a Lie, My Foggy Notion, Taste You, Over Power You, Followed the Waves and a number of others, possibly the entire album.

    Melissa confessed that she was persauded into doing the gig by NME, which I am glad they did. I think by the end of it the band were really into it, and the screams from Melissa for ‘Followed the Waves’ were perfect, as was her singing to ‘Over Power You’. At the end of Over Power you on the line “i will easily over power you” someone said “yeah, yeah” (probably a guy) I think Melissa heard it, she pointed and laughed!

    I really think the music is excellent and really cool to rock to. Melissa and co. will go far I am sure of it!!

    I managed to take one picture with some sense of focus – (click to enlarge)

    I also managed to do a sneaky video that I have now removed as I was probably breaking the law.

    Well its midnight, I will sleep with the music of the evening going around in my head!!!!

    Rock On!!