January 30th, 2004

I had the idea in mind to go and see a perfect circle when they came to the UK a few months ago, and thought “nahh I’ll be in Australia by them” – I’m still here so I have Jereon to thank for telling me he was going to see them tonight in Holland. This reminded me about them, and luckly enough they are playing next Tuesday at the Apollo Hammersmith. After searching around for a ticket I managed to get one. Then I get told that Melissa Auf der Maur is warming up for APC!! Two in one!! So I will get to see her do some stuff from her new album. Then I find out Melissa is doing her UK debut on the 16th at Islington Academy!! So I’m going to that too!

Took this picture today, its a traffic warden and other curious bystanders looking at steam coming out of the ground. This is common place in New York, but in London its a rare sight. This image captures the moment beautifully.

I had this problem in C# today, I had been given some XML that I needed to import into a system. So I used the magnificent tool xsd.exe to generate an XSD from the XML, which, in turn, allowed me to generate a C# class, that I was hoping I could use to deserialise the original XML into my data import routine. However, I hit a brick wall when I tried to instantiate an XmlSerializer with a ‘System.IO.FileNotFound’ exception for a random assembly name.

Daniel Cazzulino replied with a link to Chris Sell’s XmlSerializerPreCompiler, which tells you the errors the framework comes across rather than the generic FileNotFound exception! Whilst on Chris’ site, I also came across RegexDesigner.NET, a visual tool for writing regular expressions…excellent!!

January 28th, 2004

…these days are mine. Billy Corgan blogs more than I do – its official.

It snowed in London today!! I took my camera to work this morning in the knowledge given to me by the weather man.

This is a picture of Sun Street (should be called SNOW Street HAHAHAHAHHA mmm).

This is looking into the sky at the broadgate area.

I’ve put some of my old websites back online. They were really cool back in the day, and it seems sad to not have them ‘out there’, so here they are –

  • Benidorm Boys (formerly benidormboys.com)
  • Holiday Ayia Napa (formerly holidayayianapa.com)
  • MachinaII (formerly machinaii.com)
  • January 27th, 2004

    Hurray! Billy’s new site appears to be coming together as some words from the man himself.

    Even if you don’t know who Billy Corgan is VISIT HIS SITE NOW AND BECOME ADDICTED.

    The Google Deskbar replacement is looking good, my friend did the background, it now looks pretty cool on your desktop –

    January 25th, 2004

    I’m slightly concerned about this ‘bird flu’ – it sounds bad and it is bad.

    Anyway, I have broken my New Years Resolution (which was to only drink for 3 hours on Friday and Saturday night only). I have been out ‘drinking’ for 3 days in a row, which I feel terribly guitly about, I haven’t been for a jog recently neither. I put not jogging down to that fact that I have recently had all these injections and it may make me ill. I am sure it probably won’t, but there’s a negative-placebo outcome there somewhere.

    Saturday night (the last night of boozing and should I say the biggest night of boozing) saw us in Shoreditch, which is an area of North London that was once ‘underground cool’ now it just has a lot of bars, which do so well with customers that they’ve managed to be able to afford to make them pretty nice. Blu Bar, on the corner of Hoxton Square has closed down. However, the bar next door has doubled in size – we went there for a couple of drinks and then moved onto a Spanish restaurant called ‘Macondo’ it was tiny but really really good, and modestly priced. I recommend it to anyone, its best to go in early and get a table sorted as it is so small, but very casual as well.

    After this we moved onto a club called ‘Troy Bar’ – it was a bit seedy and to be honest we looked a little out of place – but by this time we had all drunk far too much so we didn’t care!! On the way out of the club, whilst searching for a cab, I took this photo of some great graffiti. Although you can see the reflection of the post and myself in it (boooo). Click to enlarge –

    On another note, I’ve written an alternative google deskbar, although it now works how I want it to.

    It looks like this at the moment, but I need to woo my designer friend in Holland if he will make me a nice little background image for the textbox. I am going to publish it at hotzoup.com when I’ve written the installer.

    I’ve started to have dreams about being in Australia, although they are the worst case scenario dreams, you know, where I make no friends and suddenly the daunting truth of being the other side of the world sitting on a baking hot beach but not knowing anybody was maybe not one of my greatest ideas.

    Take it easy, fight the fighters, not their wars.

    January 18th, 2004

    I’ve been taking photo’s again! You better believe it!

    I have taken two photos of a building opposite London Bridge Station which appears to cross the boundaries betweeen the 3D modelling world and the real world. When I looked at these photos from on the computer, it looked like they had been made by a computer! But I can assure you they exist in real life. The only change I have made is RGB balance and contrast/brightness.

    This is looking into the corner of the building

    This picture is looking straight up the side of the building into the sky.

    This is the other side of the bulding, the black glass reflects the nearby building brilliantly. You can see the stair cases of the building in the glass as well.

    I took this one morning on the way to work. You can see the men working on the outside of the erotic guerkin. The windows of the building infront give some idea of scale and how high the Swiss Re tower is.

    One of my favourite signs in London is this F R A N C E sign on the French Railways House building off Piccadilly. It’s very 60ies I think!

    That’s is for our regularly scheduled picture show!!!!

    January 13th, 2004

    Last night photo until I get a new photographic source. Had injections for Hepatitus A, Diptheria, Teberculosis, Thyphoid and a sugar cube for Polio today. The ball is rolling for the big trips! My arm hurts now though.

    This is from the little bridge that joins Shad Thames and Mill Street, looking back into the City. You should be able to see Tower Bridge in this picture (just)!

    January 12th, 2004

    These pictures were taken at night time. Night time pictures require a longer exposure. Which means the shutter stays open for longer and the camera is able to take in more light. The real difficulty with this is that any movement the camera makes will blur the image. It’s really much better to use a tripod – I don’t have one of these and even when you can put the camera onto a solid surface, the shake of pressing the button and releasing it is enough to ruin pictures be causing a slight blur. The trick here is to use the countdown feature of the camera. This way you can get the camera stable while taking the photo. Check out these two pictures below – (click to enlarge)

    This picture was taken in my room with the lights off, with just the blue of the Windows XP on both machines to light up the room. 10 second exposure.

    This was taken at midnight from my balcony with 15 seconds of exposure. Look how bright it makes the towers of Canary Wharf!

    January 11th, 2004

    21st Century London in 1960’s New York photography style. Thanks to Jeroen for teaching me digital photography techniques! It was taken at the base of the escalators at the Canary Wharf underground station escalators.

    Also check out my attempt of making an Andreas Gursky style picture. The picture was taken at Canary Wharf. (Click to enlarge)

    And this is another picture of Lehman Brothers World HQ in their corporate green with a Matrix feel. Taken through the glass of Canary Wharf underground station whilst on escalators.

    January 10th, 2004

    I have joined the world of digital camera owners and its brilliant!! I have
    had my new camera for about 3 days and already have taken over 150 shots. Some
    of which I personally believe are not that bad! (The ones I put on here anyway).
    Here’s but a small sample of some photos I have taken in the first 3 days of
    owning this excellent device!

    Here is a picture of myself with it, cleverly taken into a mirror but setting
    the focus on myself rather than the camera (lets face it you all want to look
    at me instead).It’s the IXUSi – I got it from a company called pixmania.com
    – The only issue is that the instruction manual is in French!! But it has about
    three buttons on it and I’ve tried every combination of holding them down for
    5 seconds and pressing them all at once etc… so I know all the features

    Some seville oranges at Borough Market, the first batch apparently. The sign says ‘Marmalade season has begun’

    This is a picture of some work colleagues and a vast amount of larger that the
    company I work for kindly provides for free occasionally on Friday nights !

    Traffic light hell at Canary Wharf!! I took this picture looking up into the
    traffic light system. (It is located in the centre of a roundabout and is an
    art piece rather than an actual traffic light system, in case you were wondering
    how you could work out how on earth you would work it out as a driver)

    This is Lehman Brothers new head quarters building in Canary Wharf, its my favorite
    picture so far, with the statue below. I have increased the blue levels on this picture a touch.

    This is my second favorite picture so far. It is some escalators at Canary Wharf.
    Everything in Canary Wharf has either a green of blue tinge – very matrix like.
    I have increased the blues a bit more than how they were initially. This picture
    looks great full size.

    I took this picture through the window of the docklands light railway on the
    way back from Canary Wharf. I like the way you can see the people on the train in the reflection of the glass
    as well as the skyline. You can read the word ‘Bank’ in reverse on the left of the picture; the destination of the train

    Blogging is going to get a lot more exciting now I have this camera!!!!!!!!
    Until the next time…