October 30th, 2003

I’ve made two great breakthroughs recently. I’ve fixed the internet at home so it works. The process is simple, I have to dial the flat from my mobile, hand up after one ring, put the mobile in the kitchen and then dial the internet. works great every time now.

Secondly, I’ve worked out how to make the shower water come out at a pace faster than a dribble. It seems setting it to two red bars rather than one increases the water pressure. Don’t laugh, its not as bad as Eric Gunnerson C# Program Manger at Microsoft, who hasn’t worked out how to use a two button interface on a XBOX.

Friends from Holland coming for the weekend tomorrow, should be cool. Going on the London Eye in the day time for the first time.

October 27th, 2003

I have written a matrix screen saver in .NET 1.1 – it took me about 1 hour and is very poor compared to what else you can get out there; but its a bit of fun and has the added extra over everyone else in that it has the ‘wake up neo’ bit, which I think is excellent!

Download it here

October 24th, 2003

I am very angry about the whole concorde thing. Not the whole going out of service thing; I can accept that, its not fuel efficent, its bad for the environment and its too loud. What annoys me is the press saying “I doubt will see another aircraft like this in our lifetimes” and “the age of supersonic travel has ended”. If computing power increases like it has since the 60ies (around the time Concorde came into service) then we will be able to build Concorde Version 2, that looks as cool, fits more people, goes as fast, uses less fuel and is better for the environment.

Infact, if anyone wants to come in with me I was thinking of planning on building Concorde V2. We could make it cost the same as a flight on a 747 but take half the time and be able to use the word ‘supersonic’ in all our advertisting. Email me if you want to talk about it.

Back to my non-alcoholic weekend….

October 20th, 2003

A friend of mine just said this to me,

General Zod says:
not a big matrix fan
General Zod says:
i want to marry in orbit

He is clearly insane. We are all going to Madrid next month, its going to be amazing!!!

October 15th, 2003
I was a bit bored so I did this to the fridge. I think it’s fairly artistic, maybe I could sell it to the Tate Modern gallery down the road, which is full of rubbish very similar to this!
Well the good news is that I am going to be going on holiday this year. With Gino and Tommo, to somewhere sunny or maybe a city break sometime in November! Hurray! Take Care.
October 10th, 2003

This is a game you can play at luncheon with your workmates. It is not very complicated and can save you a lot of money on lunches no matter what the outcome. By providing a competitive nature, especially with work mates, you will find you will save more than 50% on luncheon costs through the week. This is how the game works –

  • On Monday each of you pick a luncheon wildcard. This is a clause that hinders the other person or helps you, for example, you could have a wild card that says “competitors main course must contain more than two fillings” or “competitors main course must contain meat”. You cannot have a wildcard that directly effects the price of the other persons sandwich. So you cannot say “main course must cost more than $4”.
  • Each particpant must buy a drink, a sandwich/salad etc.. and a desert (not fruit)
  • The difference in value of the two sandwiches is accumulative, meaning the total in price difference is totalled at the end of the week. For example, if Person A pays $5.50 for their lunch and Person B pays $4.50, then Person A has a debt of $1 payable to Person B. Of course, on Tuesday Person A might have a cheaper lunch than person B and thus the debt will be taken out of the $1 they already owe.
  • One day a week can be me-day. Meaning you do not have to participate in the game, this can be done via mutual agreement of use of wildcard allocation.
  • Luncheon destination and wild card usage must be declared at 12h00 hours and at the same time by all participants
  • Wild card declarations must occur at 10h00 Monday and must contain relevant clauses covering all possible discrepancies that parties may find.
  • Participants may bring in their own food/drink from home at any point. Other participants will still have to go to the shop of choice if it is the Person with the home made sandwich’s choice. Home made meals are valued at 1/2 the value of whatever the total cost of the person who had to go out to buy luncheon.
  • All debts must be settled by end of play Friday (or Thursday if ‘me-day’ is Friday)
  • We have played this game for two weeks now and our luncheon out goings for the week have dropped from approximately $50 to about $30!

    October 9th, 2003

    I’ve been reading a book called ‘Taking the Red Pill – Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix’. It’s full of little stories by various authors, including Bill Joy; the guy famous for Sun Microsystems and that well known tool vi and Ray Kurzweil. To be honest the book gets a little silly in places but it’s still worth the read, Joy’s comments in it seem to completely leave the subject of The Matrix at some points, but who cares, what he says is interesting anyway. My favourite quote from the book, would have to be in the last short story called “Are we living in the Matrix?” by Nick Bostrum where he comments – “The odds are overwhelming that we are living in a simulated 2003 and that our phyiscal bodies are a software illusion”. Bostrum’s is my favourite story in the entire book and does send shivers down your spine. Are we a simulation being carried out by our posthuman ancestors distant in the future, and are they actually being simulated? Similar to how a virtual machine on a computer simulates another machine that is actually on top of a real life computer (or is it real life? Is the computer on your desk that you are looking at a simulation of a far greater computer that controls the entire universe?).

    As Billy Corgan would put it – “we are the machines of god”………

    October 7th, 2003

    I want to withdraw a sum of money from an account I have in the United Kingdom, it yields approximately 4.2% interest every year. I have to give notice of any cash withdrawals to the finance house that is holding the investment. However, when I phoned up to tell them I was planning to make a withdrawal, they asked me if I would prefer to take a loan. The conversation went something like this –
    G2007: Hello, I would like to give notice of withdrawing some cash from my account
    PERSON: Sure ok, you’ll have to give 30 days notice so the earliest you can withdraw money from is 5th November. How much would you like to withdraw?
    G2007: I would like to withdraw XXXXXX pounds

    At this point I can only imagine the computer terminal the customer assistant is sitting at pops up with a message saying ‘OFFER LOAN NOW’

    PERSON: Did you know we can offer you a very competitive loan of this amount with us @ 6.2%
    G2007: Errr..no I’m fine thanks

    I found it amusing that the company would rather give me the same money but with a 2% charge on using it. The banks must take us all for fools; luckly the new generation of us are starting to notice that the men in suits sitting at the top of these building and driving their sports cars are not actually as clever as they think they are. Managed funds rarely out perform an index tracker, but yet fund managers take home huge salaries for the privilage of losing us our money!

    Well this blog started off as a funny story about being offered a loan and turned into a rant about capitalism. On a lighter note, I have my name on a Microsoft Case Study, which is great for the CV – see I wasn’t making it up!

    October 6th, 2003

    Someone asked on the Microsoft Web Dev. mailing list the other day about how they could remove their hardcoded loading of messages from their resource manager in .NET. They were doing it using some code like this-

    string err=resman.GetString(“ClassNotFoundException”);

    System.Reflection is one of the greatest advantages to writing managed code, and can definetly boost development productivity. For example, using reflection you could get the personal error message from the resource manager using this-

    catch(Exception e) {
    string err=(string)resman.GetType()
    .GetMethod(“GetString”).Invoke(resman,new object[]{e.GetType().Name});

    Providing the exception thrown was of type ‘ClassNotFound’, the above code would be effectively doing the same as the first piece of code, but without the necessity to hardcode strings.

    I intend to write more stuff about the wonders of reflection in the future.


    October 5th, 2003

    Welcome to my blog, this is the first entry, my old blog at blog-city is now over. This is the future. I am going to buy a digital camera soon and this blog is going to get a lot more exciting than it is now!

    I got a great deal with this site, thanks to my friend over at zwanonline, I now have 1.5gigs of space, cgi, php, mySQL etc.. for a mere �27!

    Anyway, more interesting entry when I can think of one.