October 6th, 2016

We did a mammoth 6 week trip with Oscar (3) and Evie (4 months) to Europe in August. I’ve started to edit the video for the trip here’s Part 1 of 2!



May 2nd, 2016

Welcome to the world Baby Evie! Born April 22nd 2016.

Baby Evie

February 16th, 2016

We went to Thailand in 2011 it was a great holiday however it rained every single day and it wasn’t even the rainy season! We stayed at a place called Six Senses and I always said to Amy we should go back and see it again without the rain.

So that is what we did! This time however we’ve got Oscar with us which changed it a bit! It was a good plane flight over to Phuket with Oscar being fairly well behaved the entire way which was great. We stayed at a hotel called Trisana the first night which was amazing. It had probably the best dinner and lunch food of anywhere I’d ever been! We then went over to Six Senses for the rest of the holiday where it stayed sunny every day.

I made a holiday movie which gives glimpse into the trip!

One thing we did this time which we didn’t do last is go to the chicken pen every morning to get eggs – none of us ate them but it was a fun thing for Oscar to do! We also did a lot of buggy rides around the island basically to and from the eating area!

We were super paranoid out mosquitoes the entire time thanks to the Zika hysteria but we managed to be avoid being bitten (we think).

August 14th, 2015

I found this historical photo of Curl Curl which looks like it was taken almost from where we live.

Mouse over the image to see the transition.

August 9th, 2015

Amy got my a Go Pro for my Birthday – here’s the most extreme footage yet (a visit to a farm with real pigs and chickens!)

July 29th, 2015



I was going to get someone to paint the garage floor for me but in the end I decided to do it myself. I watched a video on YouTube to show me how to do it than bought the paint and equipment required. Total cost $280 – $200 of that was on paint, the rest was on brushes and rollers and a “mind your head” sign for that tiny shed door.

July 28th, 2015

At the end of the summer Amy organised a trip for us all to go to a place called Vomo in Fiji. Fiji is a convenient 4.5 hour flight from Sydney so it’s an awesome overseas adventure without having to really go very far.


The flight was very easy and Oscar was totally taken aback by the Fijian people. He was quiet and just took everything in as we walked through the airport and onto the domestic airport. The coolest bit was rather than doing a boat transfer we decided to get the helicopter transfer instead. It took us 10 minutes to get from the airport to the resort rather than having to wait for the boat!



Eating is one of the main things that went down at Vomo! The restaurant always had different food each day so you could really try something different. It was excellent and no washing up to do! Oscar really got into saying Bula! to everyone he walked past and they would happily shout Bula! back at him (which is Hello in Fijian I think).




The island was a bit of paradise and you could almost walk around the entire thing. Here’s Amy enjoying the calm side of the Island out of the wind. It was also lovely and warm which made up for the coldness of Sydney.

Oscar is absent from some of the photos as there was a fantastic kids club – where Fijian ladies looked after all of the youngsters for set periods of the day and kept them occupied it was fantastic!


Every now and then a sea plane would come and land outside of our Buree – we’d all site in the hammocks and watch them take off again and do a fly by of the Island as they left!



In the evenings Amy and I would go to the other end of the Island for cocktails and watch the sun set below “mini-Vomo” Island. Here’s Amy taking a photo of it. You can’t see but our of shot we’d be on our 2nd cocktail of the evening!


In front of the Island was a reef that was very calm, although every now and then a small wave would break in it – to keep myself occupied one day after breakfast I got a SUP from the sports centre and tried paddling into the waves. It worked really well and was super fun a few other tried to join me! The day after I tried doing the same thing but on a kayak – I fell out on one of the waves and hit my leg on the reef. It bled for a little bit but then it was fine. However it got worse and worse and I couldn’t walk after a day or two – I had to stay in the Buree for 3 days without leaving which was a shame and a waste of the holiday – poor Amy and Oscar had to do things on their own.


It got so bad that when we left I had to be carried onto the helicopter and into a wheelchair and then board the plane on a wheelchair and then basically drive straight to Manly Hospital, where I spent three days and had to have an operation to get the puss out of my knee. Then about two months of visits to a nurse to get the wound dressed and three months of side effects from the super strong anti-biotics!

Nightmare end to the holiday but a great start if only it had lasted!

March 25th, 2015

Back in the day blog posts used to happen a few times a month, now they barely happen once per year. I was trying to think of the reasons behind that and I’ve boiled them down to –

  • Having a baby boy/toddler takes up time
  • Running a business full time takes up time
  • Facebook/Twitter/Instagram are quicker and easier to use and everyone checks them

Blogs are awesome though, they are not silo’d like networks and if you’ve got the time are great, so, here’s a post that starts off in August of 2014.

August2013 2181

We’ve spent a lot of time at New Leaf Nursery, a Nursery which lets you put your children in with animals. It’s a star attraction and totally free!



Matt, Lorraine and Tomas came to visit us, our first guests in our new place and it was a good fun weekend. I’ve got a signature cheese board that Matt said was “one of the best cheese boards he’d ever had”.



Oscar started to really get into babycinos and especially the marsh mellows that come with them!



I spent a lot of time working on the new place. I totally underestimated the amount of work that goes in to maintaining a house. You can get other people to do it but where’s the fun in that? I re-oiled this wooden edge at the front although to be honest it really needs to all be taken up and started again which would probably take me six months.


2014-10-09 016

We had a house warming party and everyone was invited! It was great fun and the pool got some serious use. We lucked out on a sunny day.


2014-10-18 002

We tried out some of the new restaurants in our old haunt of Manly, here is Amy and Oscar at Papi Chulo on Manly Wharf. Oscar at this age has started to get a bit harder to take to restaurants.


2014-10-24 027

A lot of our friends in Sydney moved down to an area called Helensburgh, here’s Oscar with Sonny and Hugo for Sonny’s 2nd birthday – Oscar is about to eat the first bit of chocolate cake.

2014-12-11 014

Another trip down to Helensburgh and we’re at Alex and El’s house for another birthday party for their children. Cake is now a staple food.


2014-12-14 017

Christmas came and we had to get out first real Christmas tree for Oscar’s 1st Christmas at home (and ours as well in Australia, we’d always been up to Brisbane). The tree we got was over the top and we had our Christmas lights up and running in November. The neighbors didn’t say anything.


2014-12-24 018

Diggers for Christmas and a Santa suit!

2014-12-24 022

Nanny and Poppy were down from Brisbane for Christmas which was good fun and Oscar really enjoyed it even though he jumped on them a bit too much on that couch!


2014-12-24 066

For New Years we went to the Hunter Valley for a few nights to also celebrate Nancy’s 40th birthday. We were in a large family house in the middle of nowhere which was lovely and Oscar had lots of friends to play with.


2015-02-04 004

February and my parents (Booma and Boompa) came to visit for a month from the UK. Here’s Oscar having a look at some of the many gifts he got from them on their arrival!

2015-02-26 012

He we all are at Doyles in Watson’s Bay having one of the best fish and chips Sydney has to offer.


We visited the Wildlife Center in Sydney and Oscar got up and close with a devil and a number of snakes, thank goodness for the glass barrier – he’d be in there hugging it if he could.


July 29th, 2014

For my Birthday this year we went to Hamilton Island for a short break. Hamilton Island is a small Island East of Queensland, also referred to as “Hawaii” by people from the United States. It was a surprise trip so I didn’t know I was going until I opened my Birthday card! Oscar was also invited to join us for the trip, here he is waiting patiently in the departures lounge for his JetStar flight. He lost his patience near the end of the flight and demanded to walk up and down the aisle.


Oscar Patiently Waiting at the Airport

Oscar Patiently Waiting at the Airport

Hamilton Island has a few hotels and we stayed at the largest one, it looks very Miami Vice 1980ies from the outside but on the inside it had been refurbished and the rooms were really nice. Most the vehicles on the island are buggys and there’s a maximum speed limit of 30 km/h.


Buggy R942

We hired a buggy on the second and last day and drove around the very small island. It was good fun, Oscar wanted to hold the steering wheel all of the time and got super angry if he wasn’t allowed to do it.

We had some fabulous dinners on the island, on the last night we went to Coco Chu which was a fantastic restaurant where we ate too much Thai food and Oscar got an entire bowl of rice and chicken and coleslaw which he woofed down.

Naughty Birds and Oscar Breakfast

Naughty Birds and Oscar Breakfast

At breakfast Oscar would eat his body weight in Bircher Muesli and these naughty birds would come to our table and eat our food and drink our drinks. They weren’t scared of humans, you could flap your hand in front of them which would make most birds fly away but they wouldn’t even flinch.

Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain

One Tree Hill (which we think was replaced with a mobile telephone mast) has a great lookout, you can see in the picture the hotel we stayed in and the lovely waters of far north Queensland. Oscar and me ventured out into the sea up to feet deep, just because it was the middle of winter which hopefully meant there were no Irukandji jellyfish (one of the symptoms of being stung  is “Impending Doom“!!!).

Never goes over 30 km/h

Never goes over 30 km/h – has a top speed of 235 km/h

I felt a bit sorry for this car, it’s stuck on an Island with a top speed of 30 km/h. We had a great holiday and it was nice to be back in some warmer weather, the good news was when we returned to Sydney the weather was apparently similar to October temperatures!

Sunset on Return

Sunset on Return

The sunset was amazing when were in the carpark at the airport back in Sydney!

A great trip and a great surprise Birthday present thanks Amy!

June 26th, 2014

How did 8 months go by without a blog post? Well it’s probably because we can now share images with family and friends at the click of a button on the iPhone now. It’s still nice to write stories as there’s so much you forget so I’m going to try my best to add a little context to some photos I’ve selected in the past 8 months on my phone!

Photo 20-10-2013 11 25 43

Baby Oscar (he was still a baby in this photo back in October 2013) on one of his outings to Palm Beach in the summer – this is a nice little spot we found at Lorraine’s leaving weekend that’s very quiet has a nice grass area and access to the water. It’s only 45 minutes drive from Sydney.

Photo 13-11-2013 18 47 37

In November we went to on holiday to Northern Queensland to a place called Palm Cove, which is a nice little holiday area with cafes restaurants and hotels – the perfect place to take baby Oscar he had a great time and did a lot of his first swimming up there.

Photo 11-11-2013 10 11 32


This is Oscar on the plane back to Sydney, flying to Cairns was no problem after doing the trip to the UK!

Photo 10-11-2013 13 36 20

This was Oscar’s first or second go in a shopping trolley! I think he enjoyed it as you can tell from his face!

Photo 9-11-2013 10 51 23

We all went for a day trip to Bondi to see sculptures by the Sea, it was actually quite difficult with a large pram as there’s hundreds of steps, I think we only saw half of it for that reason.

Photo 24-11-2013 11 00 44

Oscar really started to love the water, here he is with me taking a dip to cool off at Shelly Beach last November.

Photo 24-11-2013 14 06 12

Oscar with Leisa, Mummy and Lucy at Rory and Karen’s yearly get together that they have, Oscar got to have a lovely dip in their pool!

Photo 12-01-2014 14 54 02

This is Oscar’s first trip to the hardware store (Bunnings). He was totally dressed for the part and I got him a baby hacksaw (not really).

Photo 26-12-2013 11 59 06

We spent Christmas at Amy’s families house in Brisbane and visited Oscar’s Great Grandma Grace at her nursing home!

Photo 25-01-2014 17 31 30

We did a lot of meetups with Amy’s mother group friends, either from the mothers group or the yoga mothers group Amy is a member of. He’s Oscar with his girlfriend.

Photo 28-01-2014 22 58 50

My University Halls of Residence friend Manish came over to Sydney for business, we went to Hugo’s Pizza and drank a lot. I then got Oscar’s day care sickness which took us all out for weeks afterwards!

Photo 15-02-2014 10 25 43

Oscar’s first birthday was celebrated in Manly on a rainy day, we got Gaetane and Andrew to do the catering for the event which was great and a really fun day, even though we were all still a bit sick from day care illness!

Photo 1-03-2014 13 31 03

We went up to Brisbane again in March to look at houses, we spent months looking for houses in Brisbane, online and doing trips purposely to look at houses.

Photo 31-03-2014 14 57 37

We then made a list of things we liked about living in Sydney vs. the advantages of Brisbane and decided we’d be better off staying in Sydney. We then looking in Sydney for about a week for a house and got one! Above is Amy and Oscar inspecting our new home.

Photo 18-04-2014 13 00 27

In April we went a bit Royal crazy as Kate and Wills came to visit us in Manly – I got a photo of them but we had to wait for hours in the sun, not totally sure if it was worth it!

Photo 18-05-2014 11 47 49

Amy’s parents came down to visit and we spent a day at the Zoo to celebrate Oscar finding his feet and walking around on his own behalf!

Photo 18-05-2014 10 40 55

Well done Oscar for starting walking!

Photo 21-06-2014 12 50 21

Here’s Oscar and Mummy in Dee Why, our nearest cafe area from our new home in North Curl Curl just before Amy went on her trip to China for a week and I had my wisdom teeth removed (and had to look after Oscar on my own for a week).

Well that’s it for an 8 month update, I’ll try and get on top of the blog from now on!